16 Famous Celebrities Who Confessed They Got Plastic Surgery And How They Felt About It

There are very few celebrities who have not gone under the knife to change themselves. This is something that comes with fame and fortune. You might have to change the way you look. This is often not asked of you by the people who give you work. But, this is something most celebs get done on their own to make themselves feel better. Hollywood is filled with a large number of different faces and bodies that it can leave some celebs feeling insecure about themselves.


1Jessica Simpson

The actress, singer, and now fashion designer confessed that back in 2015 she had two tummy tucks to get rid of the stretch marks and loose skin she had from her back-to-back pregnancies. She said that she was very insecure about her body at the time. She said the experience was haunting as she got an infection that resulted in her vomiting and almost needing a blood transfusion.

Jessica Simpson tummy tucks

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2Sharon Osbourne

The wife and manager of legendary heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne has been in the limelight since 2002. She confessed in 2019 that she had a facelift done that same year. This confession came after pictures were circulated around the Internet of her looking a lot younger and refreshed. She said that she loved the results and at her age, she didn’t mind the pain for the final result she got.

Sharon Osbourne facelift surgery

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3Courteney Cox

The ‘Friends’ actress confessed in 2017 that she had fillers put in when she was young. She even confessed about knowing the toll cosmetic surgery addiction can have on a person. She said that she felt like one day she was not going to recognize herself. This is why she stopped and let her fillers dissolve and today she is as natural as she can be.

Famous Celebrities Who Confessed They Got Plastic Surgery

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4Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda belongs to a different category of actresses. She began her career in 1954 and is still active even over the age of 80. In a 2015 interview, she stated that she wished she was brave enough to not have gone under the knife when she was younger but maybe that is the reason why she can still get work in Hollywood.

Jane Fonda plastic surgery

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