10 Amazing behind the scenes facts about Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight


The 2008 movie The Dark Knight took the movie world by storm. The movie about the superhero Batman, and was the second movie in director Christopher Nolan’s hugely popular and successful trilogy of Batman movies. It had Christian Bale, portraying the role of Batman and Heath Ledger playing his nemesis, The Joker. Unfortunately, Ledger passed away before the movie was released due to overdose of prescribed medication. But his portrayal of the sinister Joker was appreciated by both critics and the fans and he ended up winning the Academy award for best supporting actor posthumously.

We have for you, 10 unknown facts about the Joker character and Ledger’s path breaking performance that has become the benchmark for future superhero villains.

1 He wasn’t the only one considered for the role

Heath Ledger, who lived the role of the Joker was not the first or original choice for the role. Director Christopher Nolan wanted Ledger for the role, but the studio still decided to approach many other actors for the role. Actors such as Steve Carrell, Adrian Brody, Robin Williams and Paul Bettany publicly acknowledged that they wanted to play the psychotic villain.

Heath Ledger

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2 He completely isolated himself

Heath Ledger termed himself as a method actor and as a practice decided to isolate himself from others and checked himself in a motel room for six weeks. He decided to read all the comics and watched previous actors like Jack Nicholson, who played the Joker in the 1989 Batman. But, he decided to model his Joker on A Clockwork Orange’s Alex De Large, played by Malcolm McDowell.

Heath Ledger termed himself as a method actor

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