10 Super Crazy Facts About The Legendry Rockstar David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth is undoubtedly a legend as this American singer, songwriter, author, actor and former radio celebrity has given a huge number of hit music albums and has a great fan following. David has performed solo as well before joining the band Van Halen in 1974 which was earlier known as Mammoth. It’s not just David’s musical talent but also his antics at stage and some other crazy stuff which makes him favorite of the music lovers especially the women. We are going to tell you about some of the crazy facts about David Lee Roth:


1He insured his body part

Celebrities getting their body parts insured is not a new thing, we have seen footballers and beautiful tall actresses getting their legs insured, while we have also seen pianists getting their fingers insured but David got something else insured. In 2013, while giving an interview to news daily, he disclosed that he has not insured his whole body but the private part which represents his manhood.

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Who is this Little Elvis?

David Lee Roth named his private part as Little Elvis and when he was asked why he did that, he told that somebody said about ensuring the elbows of drummer as they are used a lot and insuring fingers of a pianist as they will also be used a lot. So he thought what about the Little Elvis as he will also be used a lot.

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2Four days without food

Sounds difficult to believe but it is true that David lived without food for four days in 1984 but this happened during a trip to the forests of New Guinea. The name of David’s crew was Jungle Studs and it also had David’s girlfriend. At that time, David wandered with this crew from one village to another and was eating whatever they could get.

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On the fourth day:

During that trip, the Jungle Studs and David ate whatever they could get but then came a moment when they didn’t have any food for four days and were deep in jungle and out of supplies. At one point of time, they all felt that they won’t survive but luckily they reached a village and were saved.

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