Facts about Prince Charles Love Life that Almost Destabilized the British Monarchy

Well it’s no news that royal families all across the world, especially the British royalty have always lived under the public scrutiny for time immemorial. One wrong move from any of the members and they are derided and insulted by the media and the gossip-hungry tabloids for months to come. Their lives have always been the proverbial “walking on broken eggshells “for the most of their lives. Amidst all this Prince Charles has been the favorite for all the paparazzi and gossip columns for decades now for his wildlife choices and scandalous lifestyle. In fact, it’s not just him but his siblings Anne and brother Andrew have been a source of livelihood to news tabloids and gossip journalist because of their antics and shocking acts….( like Princess Anne being kidnapped!). There was definitely nothing elegant about them for sure.


1He was a regular ladies man

Charles has always been the black sheep of the family and when he came of age he started a string of “rendezvous “with attractive British socialites before finally tying the knot with Princess Diana. But his philandering ways didn’t stop postnuptial. He carried on with Camilla Parker Bowles which was perhaps the most scandalous affair in the royal family and it really shook their credibility in the eyes of people. Similar to his great uncle Edward VII when he married the American divorcee Wallis Simpson and abdicated the throne for her! Charles eventual marriage with Camilla did not control the public antipathy towards him as the damage was already done. Here’s how Prince Charles almost destroyed the British monarchy.

Prince Charles with lady

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2People felt Charles Would Follow in the Footsteps of Edward VIII

Only 2 generations prior to Charles, the entire Windsor dynasty was in doldrums due to the decision made by King Edward VIII, who decided to abdicate the British throne for his pursuit of love for Wallis Simpson. This scandal made the royalty lose their face to the world and they were determined that the same shall not occur again. So they banished Edward and Wallis and never allowed them to be the part of the family again. But young Charles was determined to meet up with his enigmatic uncle in Paris and was surprised that they were much content and happy with their lives. Needless to say this news didn’t bode well with the royalty as it meant their punishment backfired as Edward was still loved by his people. The family warned him against following his uncle’s footsteps but instead he saw them with affection and an inspiration, as someone who was not scared to pay the ultimate sacrifice for his love.

Edward VIII

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3Charles dated Diana’s older sister first

Prince Charles wedding with Diana Spencer or their first meeting was not any fairy tale, It wasn’t “love at first sight” either as Charles was nicely dating Sarah Spencer, Diana’s elder sister at the time. Weird as it may sound but it was Sarah who played the match makes between Charles and Diana when their courtship started in 1980 which led to their official wedding later on.

Charles dated Diana’s older sister

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4His great uncle, Louis Mountbatten, wanted Charles to marry his cousin

A part of the grooming for becoming the future Monarch was selecting a perfect wife. It’s in this department that Lord Mountbatten, Charles’s great uncle took it on himself to find the perfect wife for Charles. He, in fact, encouraged Charles in his letters in 1974 to have as many affairs as he could before tying the knot! Maybe it was because of this ill advice that Charles bonded up with Camilla which went on for decades. Lord Mountbatten had his own vested interest here as he wanted Charles to marry his granddaughter Amanda who would have come through if Amanda’s mother did not put her foot down and declined the relation.

Louis Mountbatten

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5Before marrying Diana, he dated over 20 women

Looking at Charles’ bachelor love life, one can clearly see Lord Mountbatten’s influence as his own father was not close with him. That gap was filled by his great uncle who was his guide throughout his prince hood. He followed his advice and started cavorting with numerous women and in no time became the Media darling and a blue boy for the press. Supposedly Charles dated 20 women before marrying Diana and no wonder the gossip columns all across Europe were having a field day thanks to his indiscretions. There were even rumors that Charles dated Barbara Streisand too!

Before marrying Diana

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6The prince’s most well known affair was with Camilla Parker-Bowles

In 1970, Prince Charles met Camilla and fell in love. He was completely smitten by her but her promiscuous past made her ineligible for being a royal bride. After a year’s roller-coaster affair with Camilla, Charles ended the relation and joined the royal navy. Meanwhile, Camilla Married Andrew Parker Bowles.

Prince charles and camilla parker

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7He resumed his relationship with Camilla after marriage

Charles was already a father of 2 in 1986 when he resumed his relations with Camilla who was very much married to Andrew as well. Their affair led to disintegration of their respective marriages. In 2005, Charles finally married Camilla 30 years after their first date.

Prince charles camilla parker marriage

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8When asked if he and Diana were in love, this is what he replied?

Charles Replied: “Whatever ‘In Love’ Means”

Charles was in love with Camilla all the time even when he married 19-year-old Diana because she fitted the role of the perfect royal wife and princess. But Charles made his intentions clear immediately by inviting Camilla to his wedding against the family protest. His devotion towards Diana was questioned very soon after the wedding in an interview, where both Diana a and Charles had been asked whether they were in love, while Diana promptly said “of course” but Charles gave a fleeting reply saying “ Whatever ‘ In Love’ Means.” Clearly, he made no bones about the fact that he preferred Camilla over Diana and would have married her instead if she fitted the bill.

Diana vs camilla parker

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9The reason for his affair? Charles “Refused” to be the only prince who didn’t have a mistress

Tradition made Charles what he was. Even Diana later admitted that to her voice Coach Peter Seetelen that she knew about Camilla Parker Bowles her entire wedded time with Charles. So was the wedding with Diana just a show?

Diana and Charles

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10Diana reportedly confronted Camilla about their affair at a party

Diana was well aware of the long-standing relationship between her husband and Camilla which in a way prompted her to start a relationship with James Hewitt. This further encouraged Charles to be with Camilla openly. Diana wanted to preserve the marriage in some respect because of which she confronted Camilla in a party telling her off that she very well knew what was brewing between her and her husband as she was not born yesterday! Brazenly Camilla answered back saying Diana had it all, beauty over which every man swooned and loved her, 2 beautiful kids what more could she possibly want? Diana simply replied, she just wanted her husband.

Diana and Camilla parker

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11In 1992, a scandalous phone recording was leaked where Charles was heard telling Camilla he “wanted to live in her underpants”

If you thought things couldn’t go any lower for Charles you would be wrong as shocking phone conversations of him and Camilla surfaced. The conversation opened their relation to the whole world which bordered on lewd and explicit. These leaked phone conversations in 1992 described the nature of their relationship and this scandal was soon called the “Camillagate” by the media. This also officially started the process of Charles and Diana’s divorce. Charles is heard over the phone wishing to be in Camilla’s underwear always or turn into her tampons which is both disgusting and disturbing.

Prince charles Princess Diana and Camilla

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12Even Diana overheard him “talking dirty” to his mistress whenever he was in the bathroom

Diana hand selected trusted cameramen to film 12 hours of her private life, just months before her accident in which she shared all her grievances about her sham marriage with Charles. This and the fact she knew about her husband’s infidelity and had repeatedly overheard Charles’s explicit phone conversations with Camilla in the bathroom. She concluded most of the phone conversations were initiated by Camilla herself as she was raunchier in her approach in their affair.

Seperation of Diana and Prince Charles

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13Rumors erupted that Charles even had an affair with his best friend’s wife

Ironically Charles was not faithful to his mistress even; he was rumored to be cavorting with Lady Kanga Tryon, fashion designer by profession and wife of Charles close friend Lord Anthony Tryon. Camilla and Kanga knew of each other’s existence and hated each other with all their might. Though they tried to keep the affair under cove, it was Kanga herself who let a rumor slip by saying Charles considered her the only women who understood him. Kanga suffered a mental breakdown after she had a fall from a window (which she claimed was a murder attempt and that she was pushed). She died few months after Diana.

Charles was charmed by the vivacious Australian

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14Charles had father issues. This probably didn’t help his rebellious streak

Charles was nothing like his father Prince Philip who was a steadfast, disciplined and rugged man. The fact he was a man who followed protocols and believed in duties was something that his son could never do. He no doubt felt as a disappointment to his father which distanced the two further away over the years. When Lord Mountbatten came in the picture, Charles who was starving for a father figure in his life quickly gravitated towards him with deadly consequences on the royal family later.

Charles with father philip

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