12 Facts about Hollywood actor Tom Cruise very few people know


Tom Cruise is one of the most famous faces and also one of the highest paid actors in the world. He is known for his romantic and action movie roles. His movies Top Gun, Mission impossible franchise and many more films have been mega blockbusters. Though he has been facing flak for being attached to the Church of Scientology and his antics on the Oprah show, we have 12 facts about him that will blow your mind.

1 He helped a business raise their sales

Top gun is one of the best movies of the 80s, which bring back nostalgic memories for many fans of the movie and the actor. In the movie, Cruise wears sunglasses and the way he wore those sunglasses became a style statement. In fact, they became such a rage, that Ray Ban, which supplied the aviators, saw a rise of 40%, making the company some real big money.

Tom cruise wearing sunglasses

Image Source: www.shadesdaddyblog.com


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