12 Facts about Hollywood actor Tom Cruise very few people know

Tom Cruise is one of the most famous faces and also one of the highest paid actors in the world. He is known for his romantic and action movie roles. His movies Top Gun, Mission impossible franchise and many more films have been mega blockbusters. Though he has been facing flak for being attached to the Church of Scientology and his antics on the Oprah show, we have 12 facts about him that will blow your mind.


1 He helped a business raise their sales

Top gun is one of the best movies of the 80s, which bring back nostalgic memories for many fans of the movie and the actor. In the movie, Cruise wears sunglasses and the way he wore those sunglasses became a style statement. In fact, they became such a rage, that Ray Ban, which supplied the aviators, saw a rise of 40%, making the company some real big money.

Tom cruise wearing sunglasses

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2 Tom Cruise isn’t his real name

The actor Tom Cruise has a very flowing name. It rolls off the tongue easily and is easy to remember, unlike Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, which is Tom Cruise’s real and full legal name. He shortened it and uses his middle name as his last name for acting and registration purposes in the Hollywood.

Tom Cruise isn’t his real name

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3 He does his own stunts in movies

Tom cruise is one of those actors of Hollywood who do all their stunts in their movies by themselves. He seldom uses any stand-in or stuntman for himself and has done many death defying stunts, including climbing the Burj Khalifa from the outside for Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol and did his own driving stunts in Jack Reacher.

Tom cruise perform his own stunts

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4 You can’t own any figurines of Tom Cruise

Many actors have their likeness used in video games and figurines so that fans can buy them and add to their collections. But not Cruise, he is very particular about his image and looks and doesn’t give permission for his likeness to be used in any video games, toys or figurines.

Tom Cruise figure

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5 His character in Tropic Thunder was his own creation

Tropic Thunder was a sleeper hit in 2008 and people were shocked to see Tom Cruise doing a cameo as Les Grossman, a foul mouthed, balding and hairy studio head. He is even seen dancing at the end credits by using the moves that he taught himself by watching soul train.

His character in Tropic Thunder was his own creation

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6 One of the richest actors in Hollywood

He is one of the richest actors in Hollywood and also one of the most powerful ones. His personal worth is somewhere around $480 million and his legacy is something that will be remembered forever.

Tom cruise richest actors in Hollywood

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7 He has a heart of gold

He is not only a hero on the silver screen, but also in real life. In 1998, he and his bodyguards saved a woman from being mugged in London, by attacking the muggers as they were approaching the woman. Then in 1996, he witnessed a car accident in which a 23-year-old woman was injured. He took the woman to the hospital and when he came to know, she didn’t have any insurance, paid the woman’s $7,000 medical bill as well.

Tom Cruise has a heart of gold

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8 Well, he is a short dude

Tom Cruise stands at 5 feet 7 inches and most of the Hollywood beauties he works with, either are as tall as he is or even taller. Therefore, he has to use everything from editing tricks to platform shoes to look taller than the heroine. He spent most of his scenes in Knight and Day with Cameron Diaz standing on a platform to match her 5’9” frame.

Tom Cruise height 5 feet 7 inches

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9 He hasn’t won an Academy Award

Like many of his contemporaries, Tom Cruise has never won an academy award. He has been nominated three times for Born on Fourth of July (1990), Jerry Macguire (1997) and Magnolia (2000). However, his co-stars have been lucky to win Oscars in the movies they did with him.

Tom Cruise hasn’t won an Academy Award

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10 Cruise powered the production of Valkyrie because of a special reason

Cruise wanted Valkyrie to be made after he saw the photo of the protagonist in the movie, Colonel Van Stauffenburg. He saw that he resembled the Nazi colonel who made a plan to assassinate Adolf Hitler and was almost successful in doing so and was later executed for his actions.

Cruise powered the production of Valkyrie

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11 He is the face of Aladdin

1992 Disney film Aladdin is known for being the first Disney movie to be acclaimed critically and financially in the whole world. It was the biggest hit of 1992 and won two Oscars for Best Music and Original Song. The character of Aladdin was modeled on Tom Cruise who was the hottest star at the time, thanks to movies like Born on Fourth of July, Days of Thunder and A few Good Men.

Tom Cruise the face of Aladdin

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12 Was supposed to play Iron Man

Tom Cruise was supposed to play the Marvel superhero Tony Stark a.k.a., Iron man in a movie way back in 2004. Kevin Feige from Marvel Studios has confirmed that he was a part of the project to bring Iron man to life before the 2008 movie saw Robert Downey Jr. playing Iron Man in what proved to be a career saving and defining role for him.

Tom Cruise was supposed to play the Marvel superhero

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