15 Unknown Facts About Emma Roberts That Her Ardent Fans Must Know

Emma Roberts, the American actress and singer, started her career at the age of nine and since then, she has shown a continuous growth in professional terms. Acting is in her blood as she is the daughter of actor Eric Roberts and the very famous and talented actress Julia Roberts is her aunt. Emma’s complete name is Emma Rose Roberts and her parents Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham got separated when she was a baby. She has received various awards and recognitions for her work and many times, she has been listed among the best-dressed celebs of Hollywood.


Here are some interesting facts about Emma Roberts that even her ardent fans might not know:

1Writing is something that she loves

Emma is not certain whether any of her writing works will be published ever or not but she states that she is one of those who are obsessive about writing. As per the actress, she writes continuously and wants to pen down a book of short stories or essays, someday.

Emma Roberts

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2Emma was once arrested too

Surprisingly, the cute looking actress was a little violent too. In 2013, when Emma was dating Evan Peters, she was arrested on the charges of domestic violence in Montreal, Canada, after someone called police as loud noises were coming from the couple’s hotel room. When police came, they found that Evan had a bloody nose and bite marks too and they arrested Emma for hitting him. The man was not arrested as there were no visible injuries on Emma; however, she was released within hours as he didn’t press charges.

Emma roberts evan peters

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3She supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 Presidential elections

The 2016 Presidential elections saw Hollywood getting divided between the contestants Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Emma is a big supporter of Hillary Clinton and even after her defeat against Donald Trump, Emma’s support for Hillary is same as earlier. It’s good to see that celebs, especially youngsters, are taking interest in politics, isn’t it?

Emma roberts supported Hillary Clinton

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4She is afraid of horror movies/shows

Considering the fact that Emma has worked in two horror TV shows (Scream Queens and American Horror Story) and two horror movies (Scream 4 and The Blackcoat’s Daughter), we find it difficult to believe that she is afraid of horror movies/shows. She says that her friends also ask her as to why she hides her face with hands while watching as she herself was in the movie.

Afraid of horror movies

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5Her debut in Hollywood

Emma Roberts made her debut in Hollywood in 2001 with the movie Blow which was directed by Ted Demme and she was just 9 years old at that time. It was the first film for which Emma auditioned and in this, she played the role of Kristina Jung, daughter of George Jung, the character that was played by Johnny Depp.

Emma-Roberts debut in Hollywood

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