12 Cute facts about Hollywood’s cutest couple Ellen and Portia

This is to get the record straight, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi are very much together and if you may have any rumors as to a break up then that’s untrue. They are one of Hollywood’s most trending and cutest couples and a great example of true love in this mixed up world of ours. Here are 10 cute facts about Ellen and Portia.


1 Ellen and Portia have been married for eight years

The couple have been married for 8 years and still going strong. The sparks of love and romance are still very strong between the two.

Ellen and Portia

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2 There is an age gap of fifteen years between the older Ellen and Portia

But who really cares because in true love they say age is just a number.

age gap between Ellen and Portia

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3 The couple had a home wedding

For Ellen and Portia, there wasn’t some large celebrity at an exclusive location. Theirs was a private home wedding at their Beverly Hills residence in 2008. They married as soon as California overturned the prohibition against same s*x marriage.

The couple had a home wedding

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4 There is a mutual trust between the two who never lie to each other

That’s truly commendable. Both have a sense of mutual trust and understanding with each other. They are frank and honest in their opinions and never feel the need to lie.

mutual trust between

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5 For the couple it was love at first sight

One of the cutest facts about Ellen and Portia was how they felt about each other when they met. According to Portia It was definitely love at first sight. Portia knew that Ellen would be her life partner the moment she saw her yet she never moved forward for three years.

love at first sight

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6 They met at a social event

The couple was formerly introduced at a social event where both felt positive vibes and a connection. At the time, Portia wasn’t actually gay but she was enamored by Ellen.

social event

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7 They shared their first kiss in the back of a limo

Well sorry people but Portia won’t divulge anything else beyond that first kiss in the backseat of a limousine.

first kiss

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8 Ellen was planning a surprise commitment ceremony for Portia

It was supposed to be a surprise for Portia at her birthday party but when they found that California had overturned the law, they ran for the altar instead.

commitment ceremony for Portia

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9 They have debunked all break up rumors

Well there is always one tabloid or the other suggesting a break up but the couple are very much together and don’t even argue let alone fight or break up.

break up rumors

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10 But they never give each other gifts on birthdays

And why would they need to because they keep giving gifts to each other the whole year through.

gifts on birthdays

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11 There are no secrets

Among the really cute facts about Ellen and Portia is that they hide nothing from each other. According to Ellen “We don’t really need to make it work. We just found the right person. It’s corny, but she’s my soul mate.”

There are no secrets

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12 Portia was married earlier

Portia’s earlier spouse was Film maker Mel Metcalfe but it was more of an arrangement for a green card. That didn’t happen so the couple split.

Portia was married earlier

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