15 Dirtiest Hollywood celebrities including a power couple with poor hygiene habits

Having a perfect personal hygiene is something that is taught to us from childhood. It includes brushing and flossing before going to bed, taking daily shower, use of wipes and other hygienic products. There are people who like to forego such pleasures and these people include celebrities. Though sometimes, situations force us to skip brushing teeth or taking a shower or put on deodorant once or twice, but these celebrities do it willingly.


Some of the poor hygiene habits of your favorite celebrities might disgust you, so sit back and read which 15 celebs are the dirtiest in Hollywood.

1 Jessica Simpson

One time pop singer and now a full time mother Jessica Simpson, is pretty vocal about her poor hygiene habits. She has confessed to not brushing her teeth for days, because she doesn’t like the slippery texture after she brushes them. She admitted that she brushes her pearly whites three times a week. Rest of the time, she uses Listerine for fresh breath and rubs them clean with a cloth.

Jessica Simpson

Image Source: www.therichestimages.com

2 Robert Pattinson

Twilight star Robert Pattinson is British to his core. Girls are mad over his hairstyle and the secret behind is unkempt hairstyle is that he really doesn’t do anything about his hair. He has admitted to not washing his hair for upto six weeks, since he doesn’t see the point in doing so. He is also not big on keeping his apartment or himself clean. Crew members on the sets of his Twilight movies have complained about Pattinson’s bad smell and overall bad hygiene.

Robert Pattinson

Image Source: www.twimg.com

3 Matthew McConaughey

Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey is a heart throb of millions of women all over the world. But when they will come to know that he doesn’t believe in wearing deodorant, many of them may backtrack in their stance. McConaughey hasn’t worn any deodorant in over 20 years and despite his co-stars begging him to wear one; he declined because he is a man and should smell like a man.

Matthew McConaughey

Image Source: www.liveforfilms.com

4 Julia Roberts

Another Oscar winner who doesn’t like the idea of showering is Julia Roberts. According to a former employee, she doesn’t see the need to take a shower for days, since she likes to save water. She herself has admitted several times on being lazy about showering and putting on deodorant and even shaving when it comes to hygiene.

Julia Roberts

Image Source: www.timeinc.net

5 Anderson Cooper

Funnyman Anderson Cooper might have people swooning all over him. But his apparent lack of personal hygiene might be a deal breaker for many. He doesn’t wash his jeans and wears them for months on end. And when he washes them, he simply wears them in the shower and puts soap on them and showers with jeans on. Nice multitasking Cooper!!

Anderson Cooper

Image Source: www.bennorton.com


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