Did you know these popular Hollywood stars perform their own stunts?

Actors entertain us with their splendid performances on the big screen. While their impressive emotions and actions make us laugh and cry, we are all aware that it is filmed. Most of the tough stunts are not done by the actors themselves. Yet, there are some brave hearts in Hollywood too who have the courage to do their stunts all by themselves. Here is a list of 7 Hollywood celebrities who perform their own stunts.


1 Daniel Craig

The Bond hero, who has won the hearts of millions around the world with his performance in films like Spectre and Quantum (of Solace) definitely deserves applause. He is one of those heroes who prefer to perform their own stunts. He says that it is necessary to maintain the authenticity of the character of Bond. The death defying crane jump was actually done by Craig for the 2006 Bond film. Now you know why Casino Royale stunts have been so popular among the fans.

Daniel Craig

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2 Angelina Jolie

The breathtaking beauty is also brave at heart. Angelina Jolie does 99% of her stunts all by herself. If you are a fan of Jolie, do watch Salt where she plays a fabulous FBI Agent. She had to take special training before she could perform the stunts in that film. She got trained in Krav Maga and Muay Thai after which she successfully did that stunt where she dived through an opening door while firing a gun. Maleficient is another movie for which she has performed her stunts herself.

Angelina Jolie

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3 Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is yet another remarkable actor from Hollywood. He cannot be missed when you list out actors who perform their own stunts. He has done some truly stunning stunt scenes in the Hollywood movies. In the Indiana Jones movie series, this actor had to actually dangle from helicopters and dash cars into buses. Now, that is not the kind of action you expect from ordinary actors. Harrison Ford definitely has guts to take up such stunt scenes and do complete justice to them.

 Harrison Ford

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4 Jackie Chan

When you speak of stunts, how can you miss Jackie Chan? This is one stuntman and actor, who has done some of the most miraculous stunts in the history of Hollywood. Skating under speeding trucks is no easy stunt. People also remember him for base jumps into hot air balloons. Chan fans can never forget the spectacular scene in Police Story where he jumped onto a pole of metal that was covered with lights. This was an actual stunt scene without any camera cuts.

Jackie Chan

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5 Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is one of the crazy actresses in Hollywood who dare to perform their own stunts. Her most remarkable performance has been in the film Charlie’s Angels. She trained separately in martial arts so that she could perform the stunts in the film. In the film Knight and Day, Diaz was the one who did all that stunt driving all by herself. Don’t hesitate to applaud when you see the spinning cars or straddling motorbikes in Knight and Day.

Cameron Diaz

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6 Arnold Schwarzenegger

The hero of the film Terminator is another actor who enjoys to do his stunts all by himself. While shooting for the film The Last Stand in 2011, the 64 year old Arnold Schwarzenegger did all his stunts himself while chasing bad guys on motorbikes. Arnold is sure one of those actors whom age does not touch.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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7 Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is one of those dare-devil Hollywood stars who prefer to their stunts on their own, no matter how dangerous those might be. He has done some death-defying stunts in the Mission Impossible Series, Minority Report, Knight and Day, War of the Worlds, and others. Do you remember that scene in Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol, in which he is seen running, sliding and almost flying on the Burj Khalifa? Almost all of us do, and we also remember being in complete awe of that scene, well, Cruise did that scene himself, and looked just really comfortable doing all that. Now that is called dedication towards work and love for the fans! Hats off to his spirits!

Tom Cruise

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No wonder, these Hollywood stars are among the favorites of people around the world! They will definitely be loved by their fans for being so true to them, and well, yes they are loved by all.


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