Did you know these male celebs underwent plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is rapidly becoming a way of life now. Many people find that reconstruction is a great way of making themselves look great with age. With technology pacing up in leaps and the world progressing in endless bounds, plastic surgery is soon becoming much more than just a fad. If you are considering getting plastic surgery then you need to make sure that you use a top plastic surgeon. The affinity towards looking gorgeous and perfectly sculpted has been part of our race for years. We have always had the craze to look awesome, feel good about our looks and get drenched in compliments. However, not many know that not just women, there are a whole lot of males too who consider plastic surgery a boon. Making the choice to have surgery is a big step, so might be a good idea to consult with your local surgery. This could be Orange County Plastic Surgery if you live nearby. Plastic surgery has always been a staple of the rich and famous, so check out the top male celebs who have had plastic surgery. Although we bet, you might never have known.


1 Bruce Jenner

Yes the acclaimed Olympic athletes and telly star are not as manly as you might have thought. Well, spare us for that line but do note that Bruce Jenner has used plastic surgery more than once. He had had a nose job besides also going under the knife for a facelift or two. And as you all may know, he is now referred to as Caitlyn Jenner and came out with her identity of being a transgender last year only.

Bruce Jenner

Image Source: www.kinja-img.com


2 Mickey Rourke

Not many know that this star has been a frequent user of plastic surgery. He has had a face lift, lip job as well as a nose job, a source reveals. In fact, comparing then and now pictures of Rourke will almost make you gaze in disbelief at the difference.

Mickey Rourke

Image Source: www.blogspot.com


3 Simon Cowell

This famous star has been much criticized for use of plastic surgery. Cowell has not exactly gone under the knife but he is a user of Botox. That is the reason why you will see his latest pictures having no trace of crow’s feet while his pictures from three years back reveal tiny wrinkles!

Simon Cowell

Image Source: www.wikimedia.org


4 Sylvester Stallone

A much respected and loved icon of Hollywood, we always associated to him as our onscreen hero Rocky balboa. However, he stunned the world by going in for plastic surgery. More precisely, Stallone had had a forehead lift and we still find that unnerving! Phew!

Sylvester Stallone

Image Source: www.wordpress.com


5 Kenny Rogers

This iconic star inspired a lot of swagger by his carefree body language earlier in his heydays but today he is known better as a star who gave in to plastic surgery. All his latest pictures appear seemingly different than his earlier snaps. The reason for this can be put on his facelift.

Kenny Rogers

Image Source: www.express.co.uk


6 Wayne Newton

This star has almost become different looking thanks to plastic surgery. He has had Botox fillers, a facelift and even a nose job to his name, until date. We wonder if he plans more plastic surgery in the future.

Wayne Newton

Image Source: www.teaparty.org


7 Barry Manilow

It is almost funny that somebody whose face clearly reveals a plastic surgery facelift always goes into high denial mode whenever faced with this question!

Barry Manilow

Image Source: www.nydailynews.com


8 Burt Reynolds

We were shocked to know that he could go in for plastic surgery. However, internal sources reveal that Reynolds has gone in for facelift. Simply comparing recent photographs too will give you the drift!

Burt Reynolds

Image Source: www.cmgdigital.com

9 Enrique Iglesias

The Spanish singer is a heartthrob of many and a lot of girls of our generation swooned over this sexy singer who has a smirk on his face. Of course, let us not forget, we so loved his mole on the face too. Thanks to plastic surgery, Iglesias has got that removed. We do not know if we should be happy or sad for this case at least.

Enrique Iglesias

Image Source: www.ning.com

10 Dwayne Johnson

Here comes the ROCK and who expected him to feature on this list of male celebs who have had plastic surgery? He surprises us by having gone in for surgery for shrinking his chest size? We still do not know why?

We are already shocked that so many male celebs have been prey to plastic surgery. While the debate over what’s hot and what’s not rages on, we have deiced to go take a break. This was too much to chew upon!

Dwayne Johnson

Image Source: www.wordpress.com


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