Did you know these male celebs underwent plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is rapidly becoming a way of life now. With technology pacing up in leaps and the world progressing in endless bounds, plastic surgery is soon becoming much more than just a fad. The affinity towards looking gorgeous and perfectly sculpted has been part of our race for years. We have always had the craze to look awesome, feel good about our looks and get drenched in compliments. However, not many know that not just women, there are a whole lot of males too who consider plastic surgery a boon. Check out the top male celebs who have had plastic surgery but we bet, you might never have known.

1 Bruce Jenner

Yes the acclaimed Olympic athletes and telly star is not as manly as you might have thought. Well, spare us for that line but do note that Bruce Jenner has used plastic surgery more than once. He had had a nose job besides also going under the knife for a number of facelifts. And as you all may know, he is now referred to as Caitlyn Jenner and came out with her identity of being a transgender last year only.

Bruce Jenner

Image Source: www.kinja-img.com

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