From a little baby girl to a grown up 14 year old, here is how Demi Lovato’s sister Madison looks now


Demi Lovato, the fabulous R&B award winning singer, songwriter who made her debut in Barney & Friends is just 24 and a world famous star. But it isn’t Demetria Devonne Lovato who is now in the spotlight but her little step sister Madison De La Garza who is now 14 years old and looks a lot like Demi.

1 Introducing Demi Lovato’s Sister

She was born Madison De La Garza in Dallas Texas on December 28, 2001. You won’t believe how Madison looks now because she is pretty even at 14. Here are some fun facts about Madison who loves being known as Demi Lovato’s sister.

Demi Lovato’s Sister

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2 She Once Played Demi’s Character on a TV Show

After an appearance on the desperate housewives as Juanita Solis, she has also acted as a younger version of Demi’s character in the show “Sonny with a Chance’’. This is how she looked then in the image below with her family.

She Once Played Demi’s Character on a TV Show

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3 Both Girls Love Being Sisters

Demi Lovato adores Madison and you can see for yourself how Madison at fourteen looks all grown up and bears a resemblance to Demi Lovato.

both girls love being sisters

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4 Just a Normal Teen

Madison may be the stepsister of a superstar but she never allows it to go to her head, she tries avoiding the spotlight and lives life as a normal teen.

Just a Normal Teen

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5 Her appearances in TV shows has put her in the spotlight

It was her appearances in the “Princess Protection Program’’ and ‘Good Luck Charlie that has made her famous. It was added fame to be known as Demi Lovato’s sister.

Princess Protection Program

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6 At 14 She Is Gorgeous

She has just reached 14 and cameras are already focusing on her as a gorgeous personality. Incidentally she is also step sister to Dallas Lovato, Demi’s elder sister.

Demi’s elder sister

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7 And here she is without makeup

Isn’t this unbelievable. She is a perfect natural where most celebs look very different without all the makeup, Madison looks the same and pretty as usual.

Madison without makeup

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8 Guess What Her Present Job Is

Madison is the voice of Bibi of the famous cartoon show named The Muertoons. The cartoon show is the touching and emotional story of five friends growing up in the afterlife. It is centered around the Mexican festival of Dia De Los Muertos or “the day of the dead’’.

Madison is the voice of Bibi

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9 And Now Does She Look Like Demi?

She actually does when you see this fantastic Snapchat photo of them together. She may be Demi Lovato’s sister but they both regard each other as the best of friends too.

She Look Like Demi

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10 Wishing Her the Best in Life

Madison does have her own dreams and ambitions but to Demi she will always be her little baby sister.

Madison Lovato

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