15 Pictures Which Prove Demi Lovato Made The Best Comeback In Hollywood

11With JLo

Even with a diva like Jennifer Lopez, Demi holds her own, and we must say she looks more stunning than JLo did in her 20s. Demi clearly has no starry airs and is not a distant learner. Plus, she’s even twinning with her idol JLo.

Jennifer Lopez and Demi Lovato

Image Source: Popsugar.com

12Makeup woman

Demi is trying to set an example in more ways than one, and has now come up with her own makeup line which is pretty inclusive of all diversities. Demi’s line is a total rage in the market and while Demi herself is not an over user of the makeup brush, she is the perfect person to dole out makeup tips.

demi lovato makeup

Image Source: www.glamour.com



Demi is almost always seen with minimal makeup on. She’s not a fan of going overboard with makeup, and even does not use contouring like most celebs. Demi sticks to natural pastel shades which match her skin tone and only uses the essential trifecta of blush, mascara and lip gloss.

demi lovato smiling

Image Source: elitedaily.com

14No crazy ‘fit’s

Demi has said that she is not into crazy diets or working out too much. She does go to the gym and takes care of her curves and is even the face of athleisure brands. But Demi has maintained that body positivity is a great trend and everybody needs to love their bodies irrespective of their flaws.

demi lovato gym outfit

Image Source: www.etonline.com

15The buzz cut

Demi also set a major hair trend last years when she shaved one side of her head, and let the other side grow out. She inspired not only thousands of teenagers, but even some guys were seen copying her look.

Demi Lovato

Image Source: www.celebuzz.com

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