15 Pictures Which Prove Demi Lovato Made The Best Comeback In Hollywood

6Stealing thunders


This is Demi Lovato with Nicki Minaj and Moschino designer Jeremy Scott at the Met gala, where Demi totally stole the show. While Nicki tries hard to make an impact, Demi wins the moment as she doesn’t try too hard and looks magnificent.

Nicki Minaj, Jeremy Scott and Demi Lovato

Image Source: www.usmagazine.com

7Bringing grunge back

Demi isn’t just bringing grunge back on the stage, but making it possible to go goth with curves. Demi doesn’t mind going dark, edge and over the top in spite of being curvier than most pop stars, and it’s obviously working out for her.

Demi Lovato Makes Transgender Rights Statement

Image Source: www.youtube.com

8Demi at the EMAs

Demi’s MTV EMA costume would be talked about for years. She was one of the very few people who wore blazers for her performance and totally rocked it. Not only did it make Demi look completely radiant as she went for an I-don’t-care-look.

Demi Lovato at emas

Image Source: style.yahoo.com

9Her Instagram

Demi is a total Instagram sensation, owing to her candid updates and wild fashion sense. While most pop stars aim at a perfect shot or a perfectly pout-y selfie, Demi also shares her makeup fails and her trial room diaries to keep it real.

Demi Lovato instagram photo

Image Source: www.celebrityfashionista.com

10Like Kardashians?

Demi went seriously Kardashian-esque in the last year with long dark extensions, counter and bodice type dresses. But Demi is reportedly not a fan of the Kardashian or the Jenners and tries to stand apart. But in this picture, she looks exactly like a lost Kardashian cousin.

Demi Lovato 2017 Pictures,

Image Source: www.zimbio.com


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