12 Things Which Make Dan Bilzerian The King Of Good Life

9Mr Hollywood

Besides being super rich and super popular, Dan is also a Hollywood guy. He gets countless requests to feature in reality shows on his own life. But for now, he has only picked roles next to names like Gerard Butler and Denzel Washington, in films like Olympus Has Fallen and Equalizer.

Mr Hollywood

Image Source: www.hollywoodreporter.com

10Swanky mansions

Dan of course quite a few mansions around the world. From San Diego to LA to Vegas. The multi-million dollar mansions are also party pads where he hangs out with stars like Tobey Maguire and Mark Wahlberg.

Dan Bilzerians LA Mansion

Image Source: www.themanshop.ie


11Why doesn’t he go pro?

The most famous poker player is averse to playing professional tournaments. Dan has often said that he does not play in the professional league, but only plays with businessmen and professionals.

famous poker player

Image Source: german.fansshare.com

12His own cartoon

Dan Bilzerian has his own animated series in which he himself features, and doles out pointers about his rich and fabulous lifestyle. It’s called Blitz’s Real Hollywood stories and is known for its sense of humour.

Dan Bilzerian cartoon

Image Source: www.theviews.fr

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