12 Things Which Make Dan Bilzerian The King Of Good Life


Dan Bilzerian has had quite a life, and he’s only 37. He has been a Navy SEAL, he has been in Hollywood, he hangs out with Justin Bieber, and is currently ruling Instagram with his immense wealth which he doesn’t shy away from flaunting. The professional poker player is an Internet sensation and has 23.2 million followers. Bilzerian has everything, from women, to monster trucks to mansions – you name it and the poker player has it. Let’s have a look at his fabulous life.

1A video game featuring him

Did you think you’d have to be a Kardashian or a Hollywood celebrity to have a whole video game about you? Then you’re quite wrong, as Dan has an Android video game called Save Dan, where players can pretend to be Dan Bilzerian and actually get to live out his fantastic life.

Dan Bilzerian

Image Source: www.segmentnext.com

2Instagram followers

Dan Bilzerian has 23.2 million Instagram followers. Of course, his helicopter selfies and snowboarding vacations picture are some of the reasons. Dan is a total adventurer and is constantly updating his fans with his latest escapades. And of course, he hangs out with names like Floyd Mayweather and Steve Aoki.

Dan Bilzerian lavish life

Image Source: www.craveonline.com

3His yacht

Not just helicopters, sports cars, or mountain bikes, but Dan also has a super-swanky yacht. It’s a total party yacht where the billionaire parties with the rich and the famous. The yacht is also a way for him to meet new people, as people from all over the world come to party on his yacht.

Dan Bilzerian yacht

Image Source: youtube.com

4His plane

Did you know the Kardashians rented Dan’s private plane for one of their vacations? Dan totally loves his private jet and often Instagrams pictures of himself touring the world on it. And if it is good enough for the Kardashians – you know it’s too good for the rest of us.

Dan Bilzerian private jet

Image Source: www.redalertpolitics.com


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