12 Things Which Make Dan Bilzerian The King Of Good Life

Dan Bilzerian has had quite a life, and he’s only 37. He has been a Navy SEAL, he has been in Hollywood, he hangs out with Justin Bieber, and is currently ruling Instagram with his immense wealth which he doesn’t shy away from flaunting. The professional poker player is an Internet sensation and has 23.2 million followers. Bilzerian has everything, from women, to monster trucks to mansions – you name it and the poker player has it. Let’s have a look at his fabulous life.


1A video game featuring him

Did you think you’d have to be a Kardashian or a Hollywood celebrity to have a whole video game about you? Then you’re quite wrong, as Dan has an Android video game called Save Dan, where players can pretend to be Dan Bilzerian and actually get to live out his fantastic life.

Dan Bilzerian

Image Source: www.segmentnext.com

2Social media followers

Dan Bilzerian has 23.2 million Instagram followers. Of course, his helicopter selfies and snowboarding vacations picture are some of the reasons. Dan is a total adventurer and is constantly updating his fans with his latest escapades. And of course, he hangs out with names like Floyd Mayweather and Steve Aoki. He is also very popular on other forms of social, although he has only just started his TikTok page. For the average person like you and I, to grow your followers you’d need to use a growth service (click here to see a popular one) but I doubt Dan will need that. Building an Instagram following naturally, if you don’t mix in the same circles as Dan, can often be challenging as well, and having respectable engagement with your posts for a brand or influencer are often integral to their overall image and credibility. To try and at least match up to some parts of Dan’s life, some people may decide to look into bot reviews on sites like https://bountii.com/best-instagram-bots/ to run their account for them, in the hopes of boosting their follower count. Even if you don’t know Dan personally, for people to see that you have a decent following can help to achieve favorable treatment from the platform’s algorithm meaning their content could start gaining some traction, springboarding you to start growing in popularity.

Dan Bilzerian lavish life

Image Source: www.craveonline.com

3His yacht

Not just helicopters, sports cars, or mountain bikes, but Dan also has a super-swanky yacht. It’s a total party yacht where the billionaire parties with the rich and the famous. The yacht is also a way for him to meet new people, as people from all over the world come to party on his yacht.

Dan Bilzerian yacht

Image Source: youtube.com

4His plane

Did you know the Kardashians rented Dan’s private plane for one of their vacations? Dan totally loves his private jet and often Instagrams pictures of himself touring the world on it. And if it is good enough for the Kardashians – you know it’s too good for the rest of us.

Dan Bilzerian private jet

Image Source: www.redalertpolitics.com

5His bevy of swanky cars

Like most billionaires, Dan too, has numerous vintage and sports cars. While, he uses some of his cars, some of his automobiles are collector’s item. From Porsche to Lamborghini to a Ferrari, you name it and Dan has it in his garage. We know Bruce Wayne would be jealous.

Dan Bilzerian car collection

Image Source: youtube.com

6The women…

Dan loves to party with young and beautiful faces, and of course, has women awaiting his attention. From models to actors to party girls, Dan’s entourage has only the best of best, and he knows it. If a girl wants to tour the world with this poker billionaire, she has gotta have the looks as well as the brains. From tropical vacations to skiing trips, Dan is always accompanied by a number of women and is obviously living a fantasy.

Dan Bilzerian partying with girls

Image Source: abc7chicago.com

7His fortune

Dan is currently worth more than a $100 million. He once famously gambled $750 into $10,000, and then turned that into $187,000 in Vegas. It was also revealed that Dan’s father had some shady dealings and had acquired a lot of wealth. And though was arrested, he did not have to part with his wealth as the money was in his wife and son’s name. That obviously made Dan a very fortunate son too.

dan Bilzerian fortune

Image Source: networthq.com

8Hangs out with the rich and famous

It’s only predictable that Dan hangs out with the creme de la creme of showbiz. He was seen partying with pop sensation Justin Bieber a few years ago. From models to musicians to fellow millionaires Dan’s friendlist is quite long and impressive. Of course, his money draws infamous people like Mayweather or Steve Aoki, or the countless Instagram models, but he also knows how to show them a good time.

Dan bilzerian with floyd mayweather

Image Source: fhm.com


9Mr Hollywood

Besides being super rich and super popular, Dan is also a Hollywood guy. He gets countless requests to feature in reality shows on his own life. But for now, he has only picked roles next to names like Gerard Butler and Denzel Washington, in films like Olympus Has Fallen and Equalizer.

Mr Hollywood

Image Source: www.hollywoodreporter.com

10Swanky mansions

Dan of course quite a few mansions around the world. From San Diego to LA to Vegas. The multi-million dollar mansions are also party pads where he hangs out with stars like Tobey Maguire and Mark Wahlberg.

Dan Bilzerians LA Mansion

Image Source: www.themanshop.ie

11Why doesn’t he go pro?

The most famous poker player is averse to playing professional tournaments. Dan has often said that he does not play in the professional league, but only plays with businessmen and professionals. Makes you wonder if he spends time looking to find fair casinos reviews popular casinos online instead, between everything else he does? The world may never know.

famous poker player

Image Source: german.fansshare.com


12His own cartoon

Dan Bilzerian has his own animated series in which he himself features, and doles out pointers about his rich and fabulous lifestyle. It’s called Blitz’s Real Hollywood stories and is known for its sense of humour.

Dan Bilzerian cartoon

Image Source: www.theviews.fr


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