Celebs Who Got Really Rich in 2018, and Celebs Who Will Reign Over 2019

2018 has been good to some people. When we say good, we mean really good. They earned their millions in cash and in Instagram followers. From Kylie Jenner to Celine Dion these people won 2018 and are definitely on the way of winning further.


But what about 2019? Who’s set to reign next year? Will it be Bruno Mars? Or will it again be the Kardashians? Let’s find out.

1Celine Dion is just getting started

The Titanic singer’s popularity and paychecks get fatter everyday. Not only did she emerge as a fashion icon this year but also extended her Las Vegas residency to 2019. Her residency is how she makes the most of her money and it has fetched her millions. Celine also sang for the movie Deadpool 2 this year which went on to become a huge hit. She is currently worth $430 million.

Celine Dion delivered a fantastic acceptance speech

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

2P Diddy is just as fierce

Diddy doesn’t need a musical career to make money as he makes money through musicians. His music label Bad Boy Entertainment Worldwide works with the best rappers and is currently worth $700 million. He is also hip-hop’s wealthiest artist right now. Needless to say Diddy flies around in private jets and has quite a few posh residences to himself.

P Diddy

Image Source: bustle.com

3Jerry Seinfeld is evergreen

Possibly the richest comedian right now, Jerry is still going strong years after his breakthrough show Seinfeld ended. How does he earn his money, you ask? Through Seinfeld reruns of course. Jerry also has a brand new show in Netflix called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee which is also doing well. His annual income is said to be around $32 million.

Jerry Seinfeld

Image Source: fortunedotcom.com

4Jay-Z is blessed

2018 has been very good to Jay-Z. According to Forbes he’s worth $900 million and his music is only getting better every year. He also released an album with his wife the iconic Beyonce and is currently touring the world with their sold out shows. Did you know that Jay-Z and Beyonce have a combined worth of $1.25 billion?


Image Source: www.ghanaweb.com


Image Source: ulximg.com


5Kylie Jenner made news

People were angry when Forbes named Kylie a self-made billionaire. But the youngest Kardashian-Jenner did amass a fortune of $900 million at just 20 and it has been a spectacular journey for her. Not only did she have a daughter this year but also introduced quite a few new makeup collections. Kylie is also dating rapper Travis Scott whose estimated worth is $ 8 million.

Kylie Jenner

Image Source: www.friday-magazine.ch


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