14 Other Celebs Besides Lindsay Lohan Who Have Their Own Islands

Owning an island might just be a fantasy for you, but for many Hollywood stars, it is just a part of their shopping list. From Leonardo DiCaprio to Johnny Depp, and of course, the queen of controversy Lindsay Lohan, they have all got an entire island to themselves. Don’t believe us? Check it out:

14 other celebs besides Lindsay Lohan who have their own islands

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1Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

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Hollywood’s favourite pirate isn’t just insanely rich, but also has an entire island to himself. The actor bought the island, called Little Halls Pond Clay, in 2004 for a whopping $3.6 million. The 45-acres island is located in Bahamas, Johnny renamed it after his daughter, Lilly Rose Depp.

Johnny Depp islands

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2Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan might just be a true-blue Hollywood royalty, as she is designing her own island in Dubai. It was recently revealed that Lindsay is creating an island for herself at Dubai’s World Islands. The island will be called Lohan Island and you can rest assured that she would plan her own reality show over there soon.

Lindsay Lohan islands

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3Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio

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Of course, Leonardo DiCaprio has his own island – we are not even surprised about that. The Titanic star has a 2.2 mile party island, located in Belize’s Blackadore Cay. Not only is Leo planning to open an eco-friendly luxury resort over there, but is often seeing hanging out at the island, which cost him $1.75 million.

Leonardo DiCaprio islands

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4Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson

Image Source: globalnews.ca

Did you know Motley Crue frontman Tommy Lee brought his then-girlfriend Pamela Anderson an  island in Dubai to win her back? The singer and the Baywatch star were apparently fighting, and Tommy brough the luxurious island as a means for reconciliation. Though they did get married, their marriage lasted only for three years.

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson islands

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Shakira owns a fabulous 700 acres islands called Bonds Cay in the Bahamas, which cost her $ 16 million. But she did not buy it on her own. She joined funds with Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters and musician Alejandro Sanz. The island is one if the biggest private islands in the world and hosts an eco-friendly hotel.

Shakira Island

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6Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin

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Ricky Martin might just be the coolest pop star ever. Not only is he making a flawless transition to acting, but owns an entire Brazilian island which is located in Angra dos Reis. He bought it in  2008 for $8 million.

Ricky Martin islands

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7Celine Dion

Celine Dion

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Celine has her own island in Quebec’s Gagnon area, which she bought for $10 million. She didn’t just buy an island, but straight up built a Victorian-style stone castle in it. And that is the coolest thing we’ve heard.

Celine Dion island

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8Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando

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Did you know Hollywood legend Marlon Brando discovered the Polynesian island of Tetiaroa in the 1960s, when he was shooting in the country? The island is located in the Tahiti Island and it’s not just 33 miles long, but also hosts a resort called The Brando. And it’s the favourite vacation destination of none other than Barack Obama.

Marlon Brando island

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9Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage

Image Source: www.newsweek.com


In 2006, Nicolas purchased the beautiful and expansive Leaf Cay islands in the Bahamas for $3 million. The island is 40 acres of pure tropical beauty, and was actually in the bucket list of many Hollywood celebs.

Nicolas Cage island

Image Source: www.thrillist.com

10Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson

Image Source: people.com


Did you know Mel Gibson owns a 400-acre island on the sandy haven of the Nicoya Peninsula? He bought the island for a $29.7 million, and it’s easily the most expensive private island ever. Not only does the island have terrific palm trees and beaches, but Mel also built his own resort.

Mel Gibson island

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11Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz

Image Source: www.lennykravitz.com


The pop sensation owns an exotic island in the Bahamas, which is called Eleuthera. He has admitted that the island is his favourite place to be in, and has actually been an inspiration for many of his songs. In fact, his mother grew up in the Bahamas, which makes the island an homage to her.

Lenny Kravitz island

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12Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg

Image Source: www.hollywoodreporter.com


The acclaimed director owns an island in the magnificent Madeira Archipelago off the coast of Portugal. The island is wonderfully expansive, and is actually two islands merged into one.

Steven Spielberg island

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13Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson

Image Source: fortune.com


Possibly the richest Hollywood celebrity there, is, Richard Branson has the most luxurious island ever. It’s called the Necker Islands, and it’s located in the British Virgin Islands in Virgin Gorda. The entire 30-hectare island is owned by Branson, and is often visited by Hollywood bigwigs. In fact, Obama loves the place and Google co-founder Larry Page even got married there.

Sir Richard Branson island

Image Source: www.virgin.com

14Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw

Image Source: www.soundslikenashville.com

The country sensation is known for his lavish lifestyle, and owns an island in The Bahamas, which is called Goat Cay. It’s a 15,000 square-foot party destination and Tim often stays there with his wife Faith Hill.

Tim McGraw island

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15Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry

Image Source: defendernetwork.com

The Madea star also has an island in The Bahamas – it’s called White Bay Cay and it’s located in The Exuma Cays. Perry bought it in 2009, and also got a landing strip to fly planes over the island!

Tyler Perry island

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