17 Celebrities With Head-Scratchingly Weird Quirks and Habits

Celebs are loonies and the bigger and famous they get the more whimsical they go. Most of them are eccentric and weird and their actions are plain bizarre for any normal person’s standards. Hollywood is ripe with the quirky behavior and habits of celebrities that gives excellent fodder for the tabloids. In fact, almost every celebrity has some weird habit or two which is highly amusing to and amazing to believe. Check out the weird and funny habits of seventeen celebrities and personalities.


1 Steve Tyler

The Aerosmith legend has a thing for raccoons. Since his childhood days, he cherished his pet raccoon “Bandit” and was always with him in his adventures and fishing trips. Later when older, he even had a necklace with fangs of yet another raccoon he caught.

Steve Tyler

Image Source: lifestyle.bzi.ro


2Katy Perry

Katy Perry has a fetish for collecting locks of hair from all her famous friends and keeping it with her. In fact, she has Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift’s hair locks and has put a bow on them to look ….pretty I guess!

Katy Perry

Image Source: nymag.com


3Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson the rowdy boxer has a soft corner for furry soft pigeons so much so that he attends pigeon pageants without a miss. In fact, in the 93rd pigeon association show’s opening, he lovingly released 100 of his own white pigeons to jumpstart the event.

Mike Tyson

Image Source: reddit.com


4Jason Segal

Actor-comedian Jason Segal always fascinated by puppets. In fact his house is full of them! Of course, if you are an avid collector since a kid you need to have a big room for your collection. He even has a Muppet styled on him!

Jason Segal

Image Source: squarespace.com


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