15 Celebrities Whose Reaction Towards Paparazzi is Just Awesome

11Kesha Rose

Kesha is a singer, writer, rapper and an actress and she got pretty famous at an early age. Media is very curious to know about the personal lives of famous and beautiful female celebrities and once, when media persons were trying to click her with her boyfriend, she hid herself behind her boyfriend, letting everyone know whom she is dating.

Kesha Rose

Image Source: dama.bg

12Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch, the person who received a lot of praise for playing Sherlock Holmes doesn’t like it when media persons trouble him unnecessarily. In fact, he also guides them and tells that what they should do so that they can show the world something important. This time he wanted to send the media persons to Egypt.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Image Source: www.media4.hw-static.com

13Eva Mendes

The beautiful American actress also doesn’t like it if she is clicked at a time when she is not well-groomed. The media persons should also understand that celebrities have the choice to live freely and they should be left alone in their private time. Well, this time Eva was seen hiding her face with her hair and she does look cute this time as well.

Eva Mendes

Image Source: foboxs.com

14Ariel Winter

She is an actress and voice actress also who has given her voice in many cartoon movies. She started modeling at a very young age and now she is a very famous person of Hollywood. She has also faced such embarrassing situations when she is clicked without her will, and whenever this happened she used the clothes to hide herself.

Ariel Winter

Image Source: .daumcdn.net

15Britney Spears

The 37-yr old American singer and writer is known for having a life full of ups and downs but slowly she gained control of her life. However, she doesn’t likes it when the media persons flock near her and she is said to have thrown soda at them, here is the pic.

Britney Spears

Image Source: .sohucs.com


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