15 Celebrities Whose Reaction Towards Paparazzi is Just Awesome

6Alec Baldwin

The American actor had lost his temper when a media person tied to click him. It can be seen in the photo that first, he manhandled the media person and then he is seen standing silently when a policeman came to solve the matter. Considering the fact that Alec Baldwin has been involved in couple of legal matters, here also it seems he has asked for trouble.

Alec Baldwin

Image Source: daumcdn.net

7Daniel Radcliff

The Harry Potter fame Daniel Radcliff was got noticed by the paparazzi and they started clicking him, while the actor was trying to enjoy his meals in a restaurant. He tried to convince them to leave him alone with his innocent and cute expressions but when they didn’t obliged, he showed them his tongue. Well, he could have used his magical wand, just kidding.

Daniel Radcliff

Image Source: slydor.com

8Charlize Theron and Emily Ratajkowski

Sometimes, the celebrities are not aware of the fact that they are getting followed by the media and they don’t have any object to hide themselves, at that time, so they use whatever is in their hands to hide their faces. The same thing happened with actresses, Charlize Theron and Emily Ratajkowski who covered their faces with things that they had at that time such as mobile and tickets.

Charlize Theron and Emily Ratajkowski

Image Source: static.eva.ro

9Grant Gustin

The singer-actor is known for his role of Flash which is based on a comic character. The 28-yr old actor seems to enjoy every bit of attention that he gets and he enjoys it to the maximum. Have a look at how he reacted and posed when he saw that media people are trying to click him.

Grant Gustin

Image Source: whicdn.com

10Bruce Willis

The actor-producer-singer is more popular as an action hero due to his depiction of John McClane in the Die Hard series. He prefers to do a little action when he gets to face media against his will as in this photo, he is throwing water at the media persons but still, he has a smile on his face.

Bruce Willis

Image Source: media.melty.fr


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