15 Celebrities Whose Reaction Towards Paparazzi is Just Awesome

Being a celebrity is a dream of many but what confuses people mostly is the fact that a person first dreams to become famous and being photographed by the media persons and his fans but after becoming famous, he hates to be photographed by paparazzi. Well, there is no denying the fact that media also crosses all the limits sometimes and didn’t understand that celebrities are also human beings and they also need some private time.


We have seen that celebrities have often turned violent against the media persons but some have tried unique ways to handle the ever curious paparazzi, have a look:

1Uma Thurman

The American actress-model is a pretty famous name of Hollywood and certainly knows how to pose when the cameras are focusing on her. She could have also reacted violently or abusively but she chose to first give a surprise look and then blow a little kiss to the photographers. She looks beautiful in any manner she chose to react, what do you say?

Uma Thurman

Image Source: idntimes.com

2Leonardo DiCaprio

The Titanic actor worked in a movie “Catch me if you can” and it seems that in the real-life he seems to be challenging the photographers and saying to them, “Click me if you can”. He hides his face with whatever object he has or he finds nearby such as a hat or umbrella.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Image Source: dama.bg

3Mark Wahlberg

The American actor seems to believe in tit-for-tat reaction and as he saw paparazzi clicking him, he called his friends and all of them started clicking the media persons with the help of their smartphones. Well, this is definitely one of the best ways to deal with the media people, what do you say?

Mark Wahlberg

Image Source: baomoi.zadn.vn

4Dustin Hoffman

Dustin is known for playing a variety of characters in his acting career and has won many awards but his style of dealing with the media persons is certainly epic. He tries to hide himself behind such objects which only cover a small portion of his body and he is clearly recognizable from behind the objects. Isn’t an epic reaction to paparazzi? What do you say?

Dustin Hoffman

Image Source: idntimes.com

5Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

The media always take interest in the lives of the celebrities, especially in the lives of couples who are dating or engaged. After Nick Jonas got married Priyanka Chopra, there is news that Joe Jonas will also get married to Sophie Turner, very soon. When this couple was clicked by paparazzi together, they sat still thinking that media persons may lose interest when they will see them doing nothing.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

Image Source: twimg.com


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