15 Celebrities Whose Parents Helped Make Them Successful

11Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller was born to be in movies as he was born into a family of comic actors. Since his childhood, he’s seen the stage and his father Jerry Stiller and mother Anne Meara perform in a number of TV shows. Ben Stiller’s parents were known to be the most popular spouse comedy duet of that time.


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12Hilary Swank

In multiple interviews, Hilary has always praised her mother when it came to raising her. Her mother was just an ordinary secretary and when Hilary was at the age of 15 her parents separated. Her mother always supported her dreams of becoming an actor and even when things did not work out always told her daughter to give it another try. Today what Hilary is, is all thanks to her supportive mother.


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13Harley Quinn Smith

Harley Quinn Smith has been featured in a number of projects. At one time she had 14 to her name but out of those 11 were made by her father Kevin Smith. Now you could call this nepotism but all the projects were small and none gave Harley the spotlight other star kids got. She has since moved on and worked on other projects that are not of her father’s.


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14Sylvester Stallone

Did you know that Sylvester Stallone’s mother Jacqueline (Jackie) Stallone was the first woman in Washington to host a TV show dedicated to power-lifting? Yes, now you know why for the majority of his career and even now Sylvester has kept his incredible physique. She had a versatile lifestyle as she was a dancer, a trapeze artist in a circus, and a chorus girl in a nightclub.


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15Sofia Coppola

There is no hiding the fact that Sofia Coppola was given a major role in the third ‘Godfather’ movie only because of her father as directing it. After that, she worked on projects like ‘The Outsiders’, ‘Rumble Fish’ which were also produced by her father. She has never denied it but has since made a career for herself and moved out of the shadow of her father Francis Ford Coppola.


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