15 Celebrities Whose Parents Helped Make Them Successful

6Ansel Elgort

Ansel Elgort was born to Arthur Elgort, who worked for Vogue magazine for over 30 years and his wife Grethe Holby was an opera director. From a young age, he was taken to the opera and his father introduced him to the flashing lights of a camera thanks to his love of photography.


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7George Clooney

George’s father was a famous TV host and his mother was a model. George Clooney is said to be one of the kindest men in Hollywood and for good reason. Every Christmas during his childhood his father would read him fan letters from people who were struggling. His father would then buy the fan and his entire family presents for Christmas. This taught George to be grateful for what he has and also to help others.


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8Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas’ father was actor Kirk Douglas who met Diana Love Dill in acting school but never seriously dated. They would cross paths again later in life but this time they would marry and have Michael. Kirk had bought the rights to the film adaptation of the book ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ and gifted it to his son. To pay respects to his father he produced the movie that is now a Hollywood classic.


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9Chris Pine

Chris Pine’s father Robert Pine was an acclaimed actor of his time and so was his mother Gwynne Gilford. Even his grandmother was a famous actress, Anne Gwynne. In many interviews, he has stated that the only reason he is even in Hollywood was thanks to “regular old nepotism.” This is why he tries to do his work as seriously as he possibly can.


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10Liv Tyler

It’s no hidden fact that Liv Tyler got her chance in Hollywood thanks to her father Steven Tyler. Her first role was in Aerosmith’s music video. Not once but twice Liv was seen in Aerosmith’s music video before getting her break in Hollywood. She has said in interviews that she was embarrassed of the early music videos and would often avoid it when it played on TV.


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