15 Celebrities Whose Parents Helped Make Them Successful

We practically know everything there is to know about celebs thanks to social media. We know about their past, present and what they could be doing in the future. But, have you ever wondered how did they get where to they are today? Obviously, they got there by their talent but isn’t there something else missing? What role did their parents play in helping them get to where they are today?


Today we’re going to be looking at 15 famous celebs and what role their parents played in helping them get to where they are today.

1Jaden Smith

There is no hiding the fact that Jaden is only famous because his dad wanted him to be famous. He was first seen with his dad in the critically acclaimed ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’’ after which his dad produced ‘The Karate Kid’ and then the two acted again side by side in the flop ‘After Earth’. Had it not been for Jaden’s father’s influence and name, young Jaden would’ve been struggling.


Image Source: time.com

2Dwayne Johnson

Most people may not know this but Dwayne the Rock Johnson was inspired to become a wrestler thanks to his father Rocky Johnson. He even taught his son how to wrestle even though he was hesitant at first to let his son enter this line of work. He taught Dwayne how to wrestle and talk in the ring and made him the big name he is today.


Image Source: happyworthylife.com

3Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift did not come from a great financially backed family. Her parents worked in the finance sector and made enough to support themselves. Taylor at first wanted to work in their footsteps but then her passion for country music caught her parent’s eye who took her to karaoke competitions and at the age of 11. Even when she moved out her parents helped her adjust to her new life.


Image Source: eonline.com

4Keira Knightley

Will Knightley was a cinema and theater actor and his wife Sharman Macdonald was a talented playwright. They already had one child and not enough money to have another. But, the mother wanted a girl. So, the father and mother took a bet that if the mother’s next play was to be a hit they would have a girl. The play was an overnight success with the mother winning an award for it. Together they taught young Keira everything they knew about acting.


Image Source: starschanges.com

5Naomi Watts

Four years after she was born her parents divorced and she stayed with her mother. Her mother Miv Edwards was a costume designer and decorator. It was here that she developed her passion for the silver screen. Her mom seeing her interest in this field took her to acting courses. This is where she became friends with Nicole Kidman.


Image Source: celebmafia.com


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