Celebrities Whose Hairstyles Were More Popular Than They Were

11Blake Lively

For the majority of her career, she has kept the same simple hairstyle. It was so easy to keep and maintain that it became the most searched style on Google and was a staple in major beauty salons. She has still kept the hairstyle instead of going for something much more popular. The simplicity of this hairstyle makes it incredible.

Blake Lively

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12Julia Roberts

For a majority of her early career, Julia Roberts kept the same hairstyle in all her movies. Her long, wild beautiful curls helped her become America’s sweetheart. She did straighten her hair later down the line. But, many women loved the wild curls rather than straight hair.

Julia Roberts

Image Source: tumblr.com

13Marilyn Monroe

If there is anything more iconic than Marilyn Monroe, it is her platinum blonde hair. She was a brunette but bleached her hair blonde and never looked back. Today, the style is called the classic blonde bombshell look and is the first thing most people think of when they hear the actresses’ name.

Marilyn Monroe

Image Source: conde.net

14Elvis Presley

Did you know that Elvis styled his hair with rose oil and Vaseline? Yes, the king of rock and roll did know who to make his hair look good and he was quite proud of it. Many young men took to this style as a sign of rebellion. This was the hairstyle along with his unique voice that made Elvis a heartthrob in his prime.

Elvis Presley

Image Source: www.beautylaunchpad.com

15Jennifer Aniston

There are very few people who do not know “Rachel”. This is the iconic hairstyle that actress Jennifer Aniston had while on the hit show ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’. Even the actress could not have imagined the hairstyle becoming as popular as it did and even today it can be seen. After season 1 of the show aired many women in the ‘90s began getting their hair cut in a similar fashion.

Jennifer Aniston

Image Source: www.staugustine.com


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