Celebrities Who turned their lovers into Superstars – Cupid Struck and fame rose!

Relationships are supposed to make you stronger. They make you turn in to worth while persons and teach you a lot more than just loving and being together. Often, when fate smiles bright on couples, either of them turn out to be the other’s lucky charm. These lucky charms help their better halves get success, smooth sailing and everything else that love could ever have in store. Check out top celebrities who have turned their lovers into superstars. Some achieve success the hard way; some have it through the way of love. Of course, talent and prowess take you ahead of others but Cupid sure has certain tricks that brighten the career for one half of a couple. Check out these lucky couples – some are so in love even after decades while some have taken the Splits villa route but one half of each couple sure turned their lovers into superstars.


1 Kim Kardashian~Ray J

The couple got infamous for their scandalous lovemaking tapes, yes but then who cares when the world is at your feet? The tapes made Kardashian a brand name and a diva to reckon with. Ray J got her contacts so far fetched and deal scopes so myriad that today Kim has a show on her family, her clothing lines and even her silly selfies are ruling the world.

Kim Kardashian~Ray J

Image Source: www.mirror.co.uk


2 Rihanna~Chris Brown

Rihanna hit the music scene with a bang since the time she was in a relationship with Chris Brown. Before 2006, Rihanna was just the tiny starlet in the music block but after her relationship with Brown blossomed, the records hit highest marks and the contracts kept flowing!

Rihanna~Chris Brown

Image Source: www.huffpost.com


3 Beyonce~Jay-Z

Jay Z turned Beyonce’s solo career in music around, overnight. While Beyonce was always the next big thing, Jay Z indeed gave her the much needed push! A lovely case of how someone turns lovers into superstars!


Image Source: www.ghanaweb.com


4 Selena Gomez~Justin Bieber

The baby-like couple actually brought in all for each other – dual contracts, signings, endorsement and so much. Then, let us not forget that Selena Gomez landed her Hollywood career and music record hits after hooking up with Beiber. The “Baby Baby…..” magic indeed worked miracles for her.

elena Gomez~Justin Bieber

Image Source: www.rapdose.com


5 Demi Lovato~Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas was a biggie in the later part of 2000’s but then when Demi Lovato came into his life, he got bigger things to happen for his better half. From a music deal to Disney shows – Lovata had it all for love.

Demi Lovato~Joe Jonas

Image Source: www.nydailynews.com


6 JadaPinkett-Will Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith was offered movie dealsgalore after her marriage to one of the most successful stars of Hollywood, Will Smith! The couple has been respected as a powerful force to reckon with in Hollywood!

JadaPinkett-Will Smith

Image Source: www.bet.com


7 Victoria Beckham~David Beckham

Victoria Beckham might have faded into oblivion if it was just her Spice Girls’ connection we remembered. But then, when a footballer cum fashion icon like David Beckham fell in love with her, her world got rolling—with glittery stardom.

Victoria Beckham~David Beckham

Image Source: www.mirror.co.uk


8 Kate Middleton~Prince William

Kate Middleton’s journey from girl next door to a royal family’s Princess is worth applause. Today, Kate is known for her fashion sense, her charity and for her looks but then nobody would have known about her had she not married Prince William. That’s how you turn lovers into superstars.

Kate Middleton~Prince William

Image Source: www.abcnews.go.com

9 Jennifer Lopez~Ben Affleck

When these two were together, we got some average box office movies—remember Gigli? However, while Ben Affleck did not enhance Lopez’s already stellar career graph, he sure benefited from her presence in his life. Read—grand movie deals and a whole bunch of magazine shoots.

 Jennifer Lopez~Ben Affleck

Image Source: www.lifeandstylemag.com

10 Britney Spears~Justin Timber lake

This story was much like the Affleck-Lopez tale. She helped him grab some awesome records and even as she cheated on him (allegedly) his song about this break-up sold 4 million plus copies.

Let us fall in love with love itself – that has the power to turn lovers into superstars. Perhaps that is why one never gauges the real limit of love.

Britney Spears~Justin Timber lake

Image Source: www.moviepilot.com


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