10 celebrities, who have served in the defense forces of their countries

Serving for your country is a big honor and that is something not everyone gets. But we have for you 10 celebrities, who are well-known for their work in various parts of Hollywood and some are even considered legends in their respective fields; but what is common in these celebs is that each of them have served their country in various roles in the defense forces.


1 Hugh Hefner

You might recognize the name of Hugh Hefner as the guy who lives in a huge mansion with all the beautiful women. He is the man who started the Playboy magazine. He is now worth more than $43 million, was actually the part of US army from 1944-46.

Hugh Hefner

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2 Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is a brilliant actor known for his silky and deep baritone laden voice, which has everyone swooning to it. He has been part of some brilliant movies like Shawshank Redemption, Driving Miss Daisy, Million Dollar baby, for which he received the best supporting actor Oscar and the much acclaimed Dark Knight trilogy. He also served as an airman first class and was also a radio repairman.

Morgan Freeman

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3 Sir Sean Connery

Scottish actor Sir Sean Connery is best known for playing James Bond and for his Oscar winning role in The Untouchables, and has also been part of the Indiana Jones movie franchise and at the age of 69 in 1999 was voted the sexiest man of the century. Connery was part of the Royal Navy and was discharged due to health concerns.

Sir Sean Connery

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4 Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck is the owner of one of the most famous mustaches in Hollywood. The American actor is known for his immortal role as PI Thomas Magnum in TV series Magnum P.I and FRIENDS and Las Vegas. Selleck served in the California Army National Guard from 1967-1973 in the 160th Infantry Regiment.

Tom Selleck

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5 Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash was one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, and was known for his unique singing style. He is remembered as a country music legend and is still one of the greatest album selling artists of all time. He served in the United States Air Force and was stationed in Landsberg in Germany. He was the first radio operator to learn that Joseph Stalin had died.

Johnny Cash

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6 Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura is well-known professional wrestler, actor and former governor of Minnesota from 1999-2003. He was part of the World Wrestling Entertainment during the 80s and is a part of WWE Hall of Fame, Class of 2004. He was part of the US Navy Underwater Demolition Team during the Vietnam War.

Jesse Ventura

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7 Rocky Marciano

Rocky Marciano is one of the few boxers, who retired undefeated and as Boxing World Champions. He held the world championship from 1952-1956, defending his title 6 times. Marciano retired with a record of 43-0 to his name and he served in the US army from 1943-46 and was stationed at Swansea, Wales.

Rocky Marciano

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8 Elvis Presley

Everybody knows who Elvis Presley is and what he did to the music scene in the 50s and 60s. Known as the King of Pop, Elvis with his great voice and dance moves became one of the biggest cultural icons of the 20th century. Elvis was drafted into the US army in 1958 and served his two year service willingly till 1960, despite being a huge star at the time.

Elvis Presley

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9 Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is widely recognized as the first significant American martial art hero. He acted opposite the legendary Bruce Lee in Way of the Dragon and also played the titular role in TV series Walker, Texas Ranger from 1993-2001. He has also been associated with internet memes which write absurd and fictional feats involving him. Norris served as an AP policeman in US Air Force and was stationed at Osan airbase in South Korea in 1958. He was discharged in 1962.

Chuck Norris

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10 Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is a well-known American actor, director and producer, who is known for movies like Dirty Harry, old Western movies like Dollars Trilogy. He has directed some great movies like Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby, which won Eastwood the Oscars for Best Director and Best film in both 1992 and 2004 respectively. He was drafted into the US army in 1951 and was stationed to Fort Ord where he worked as a swimming instructor.

Clint Eastwood

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