10 Celebrities who Married too young and regretted it

In today’s modern generation, Marriage isn’t the meaningful bond considered a huge step in earlier days. Today marriage is out of convenience, a spontaneous decision, a fad, and even just a fling where couples leave each other within a few months. One wonders why the constitution of marriage is given so much importance by the law in terms of documentation when today couples just marry for the fun of it. Celebs too are not restrained from the ongoing trend of marriage even before a girl or boy reaches their twenties. Take a look at 10 celebrities who married young and regretted it.

1 LeAnn Rimes & Dean Sheremet

AT 18 LeAnn Rimes was already a star becoming the youngest Grammy winner till date. At 14 she met backup dancer Dean Sheremet resulting in a whirlwind romance that ended n marriage in 2002 when she was just 19. She divorced Sheremet after having an affair with actor Eddie Cibrian whom she married again in 2009. She was slammed publicly for the affair and even trolled by Eddie’s ex Brandi Glanville. Till date she has never had any major hits.

LeAnn Rimes & Dean Sheremet

Image Source: www.laineygossip.com


2 Olivia Wilde & Tao Ruspoli

Olivia Wilde is a hot celeb and she knows it. You may have seen her opposite Daniel Craig in Cowboys and Aliens. At 19 Olivia eloped with Tao Ruspoli whose father was an Italian Prince and film maker? The couple married secretly in a ceremony conducted in an abandoned school bus in 2003. Tao was heartbroken when they divorced 7 years later in 2011. Although Olivia had a flourishing career, she considered herself physically dead since the divorce. However she married Jason Sudeikis with whom she shares two children.

Olivia Wilde & Tao Ruspoli

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