Well known celebrities who may make a bid for the US Presidency in 2020

The US presidential election has seen one successful celebrity becoming president. That was Ronald Reagan who became the 40th US president in 1981. So Far apart from Arnold Schwarzenegger who was elected Governor of California in 2003, none were really successful. However with the likes of Donald Trump becoming president elect, who knows how America may react to celebrities vying for the presidential candidacy in 2020. Among celebrities running for US presidency, here are ten of them who may plan on doing so in 2020.


1 Kanye West

Well!! Yes you heard right and everyone has the right to live the great American dream even if they don’t have an idea what sit all about . Kanye West. The egoistic rapper stated during the MTV WMA awards 2016 that he may run for the presidency in 2020. Wonder if he knows anything about governance and foreign policy. But then this is the USA so anything can happen and those criticizing Melania Trump will have to settle for Kim Kardashian as first lady!!.

Kanye West

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2 David Hasselhof

He isn’t so bad. David has been a clean celeb and popular ever since his Knightrider days. The musician, singer, producer and businessman as well as Guinness world record holder. The celeb who sang to millions at the Brandenburg gate may be a string contender in the year 2020.

David Hasselhof

Image Source: www.timeinc.net


3 Morgan Freeman

Now this is one man America wouldn’t mind seeing as president. He has already held that seat twice or thrice in Hollywood movies, he would be a fitting figure in real life too. Morgan supported Obama in 2008. He has several incredible movies to his credit and there’s no doubting his prowess as an actor. None may be shocked if Freeman announces his candidacy in 2020.

Morgan Freeman

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4 Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo wouldn’t have got a chance in 2020 had Hillary Clinton won the election. But with the poor performance of the democrats, Andrew Cuomo might just make a pitch for 2020.

Andrew cuomo

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5 Dwayne the Rock Johnson

If Arnold Schwarzenegger can become governor, why can’t we see our popular Rock as president? Dwayne Johnson is an awesome son, a devoted father and an animal lover. With his strongman approach and courage, America’s all time favorite WWE superstar turned actor could well run for presidency and who would mind after Donald Trump.

Dwayne the Rock Johnson

Image Source: www.abcnews.com


6 Caitlyn Jenner

It would be super cool if the First female US president turned out to be a man as well. Caitlyn was born Bruce Jenner but transformed after a sex change operation. Barrack Obama complimented her by saying “it takes courage to tell your story’. If she makes a pitch for the presidency in 2020, I’m sure she will get a lot of support.


Image Source: www.ntv.mk


7 Jon Stewart

Among celebrities running for presidency in 2020, Jon Stewart is a hard core democrat supporter. Who knows if he hadn’t left ‘The daily Show’, the tide might have turned in favor of Hillary Clinton. Stewart’s impact on listeners isn’t a secret and he could well influence voters too. He could run for the presidency in 2020 and he wouldn’t be a pushover either. In Wisconsin where Hillary lost to trump, Stewart has the maximum followers.

Jon Stewart

Image Source: www.salon.com


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