15 Celebrities Who Looked Stunning Even After Breast Reduction Surgery

6Patricia Heaton

This is another celebrity who openly revealed that she had breast reduction done because her stomach felt like the map of the world after four c sections. The Everybody Loves Raymond star says that her breasts started hanging after the excessive breastfeeding and that she wanted to fit into gowns that she couldn’t wear anymore.


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7Kelly Dodd

The Real Housewives of Orange County star revealed that she had for long wanted to reduce her 32GG breasts because she felt they were too big for her body and placed immense strain on her back. Perhaps it was a wise move for her. Dodd says she was thrilled with the results once she underwent breast reduction surgery.


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8Soleil Moon Frye

Soleil Moon Frye revealed that at one time she had a 38DD bust and says that in 1993 she couldn’t even jog around the corner of her home without males catcalling and eve-teasing her “People started to think of me as a bimbo.” She said. In fact in her teens, she actually suffered a condition called gigantomastia which is giant-sized breasts and having the surgery made her very happy since it allowed her to lead a normal teen life.


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9Heidi Montag

A popular former reality TV star, Heidi Montag didn’t hesitate to go public about her breast reduction surgery pictures in 2010. It was her second breast augmentation and she was always a butt of jokes. In 2013, she had her F size breast implants removed as they were too heavy for her to manage she revealed.


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10Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond the singing sensation and Sister of Donny Osmond and Jimmy Osmond revealed that she had breast reduction in her 20’s due to back pain. She also started to have a problem getting into clothes which is when she decided to get reduction surgery.


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