14 Celebrities Who Look Nothing Like Their Eccentric Stage Image

In today’s pop culture the more outrageous a celebrity looks the more fame and attention they gather which so vital for their careers. They have to be always in the mind and memories of their fickle audiences which would turn their attention to any new kid on the block who could steal their thunder from them. But in their regular lives, they look and dress like one of us and try to live like normal people without the glitz and glamour surrounding them. Here are 14 celebrities who clearly draw a line between their public persona and the private one.


1 Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is known for her outrageous stage outfits which are raunchy and loud. In fact, it has been her intentional effort to look amazingly erotic on stage as a performer, but in real life, she is quite the opposite, she prefers simple clothes and no loud makeup and still makes heads turn because her natural beauty.

Nicki Minaj

Image Source: interesno-e.ru


2Marilyn Manson

The world famous and iconic rock star Marilyn Manson is actually Brian Huge Warner for his nearest and dearest one and he is quite an average geeky guy in real life, although he became a rock icon with his eccentric kohl-rimmed eyes and contacts and portrayed the perfect Gothic rock child for the world at large but he is still a nerdy guy deep inside. In fact, his first stage name was inspired by Marilyn Monroe and the second one was from the criminal Charles Manson in 1989. But do not expect him to shock you because on his regular days as he resembles a family guy like million others.

Marilyn Manson

Image Source: irrawaddy.com


3Katy Perry

Katy Perry is the new pop icon of the word with her trademark candy costumes which screams cute as well as sexy on the stage. She has got a lot milder in her dress choices for her performances lately. But this star does not shy away from the cameras capturing her in sweats and no makeup look at all.

Katy Perry

Image Source: ipop.gr


4Till Lindemann

Rammstein is a band which awes the audience with their music as well as their on-stage persona as well. They have become an icon for all the headbangers across the globe with their trademark masks and makeup. The lead singer, Till Lindemann shocks and mesmerizes his audience on stage with his voice and his looks. The real Lindemann, however, looks like any regular dad of a high school kid, in fact, his piercings have gone too.

Till Lindemann

Image Source: difundir.org


5Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga burst onto the world stage with her powerful voice and of course her crazy outfits which even included a dress made of meat! She was all out for shock value, as the years went by and she has an established career she has started to show the glimpse of her real self which so ordinary and even vulnerable. She loves to wear sportswear in public spaces when on a break and you cannot even make her out in a crowd as she blends in with the ordinary.

Lady Gaga

Image Source: www.ocioso.com.br


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