Celebrities Who Have Been Thrashing Stereotypes In The Coolest Ways

Celebrities have large fan bases and can be very influential. One false move and millions will be influenced to act the same way. However, because they live their lives in the public eye, people take every opportunity to judge them for going against the norm. However, these celebrities handled criticism very well and continue to do what pleases their heart.


These 16 instances prove that celebrities are human too and they will do things for love despite criticism and stereotypes. From marrying older men and women to starting a family late, to being goofy and childish, these celebrities have sown that it’s okay to do whatever we want despite what society feels.

1Margot Robbie

This gorgeous actress is in her late twenties and has everything one could wish for – a loving marriage, success in her career and dedicated fans. However, she has constantly been asked why she has not had any children yet? Margot sternly stated that she does not want kids and she believes that the stereotype of women having to have kids after marriage is “really annoying”.

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2Kylie Minogue

Society just thrusts the belief onto women that no woman can have a complete life without marriage and kids. Kylie Minogue has thrashed this stereotype most bravely and gracefully. She battled breast cancer and has a successful career. Though she has never been married nor had kids, she lives her life to the fullest and does not seem to regret anything.

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3Eva Longoria

There is a commonly believed notion that by 30, the biological clock runs out. Women must have children before 30 years of age. However, several celebrities have broken this stereotype and have become mothers quite late in their lives. One of them is Eva Longoria, who recently became a mom to a little boy, at age 43! That shattered many stereotypes!

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4Chris Hemsworth

One of the most commonly believed and illogical stereotypes is that it is normal only if the man is older than the woman in a heterosexual relationship. Women who marry men younger to them or men who marry older women are looked at judgmentally. Incredibly successful actor Chris Hemsworth is married to Elsa Pataky who is 7 years older to him. They have been married since 2010 and share 3 children.

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