15 Celebrities Who Had The Most Toxic Relationships Of All Time

We know that everything in Hollywood is dramatic and that even goes for relationships. While there are many stars who have found love and had a long happy marriage that is strong even today, there are some who have not had that luck. They have had toxic relationships and sheer bad luck when it came to love.


There are many who ended it before things got out of hand while some were not that lucky. There are some really big names on the list from actors and musicians.

1Chris Brown and Rihanna

When we talk about toxic celebrity relationships of recent, the one name that comes to mind is Chris Brown and Rihanna. The megastars of RnB and hip hop seemed like the perfect couple until 2009. The couple was headed to the MTV Music Awards when Brown assaulted the singer. Photos of Rihanna’s battered face went viral after the incident. But, what shocked fans, even more, was when the two tried to rekindle their relationship years later.


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2Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

Fans of the famous pop diva knew things were going to go downhill after Britney married her back-up dancer K-Fed. This took place just a few months after they met. What followed was one of the most talked-about Britney moments, her meltdown in 2007. Shaving her head and fighting publically with the paparazzi were a few of the things she did.


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3Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson

Not many people remember the crazy that was Lindsay Lohan dating Samantha Ronson in 2007. The couple did not talk about their relationship but were very affectionate in public. They did seem like the perfect odd couple as this was during Lindsay’s downfall. The two even fought in public and on Twitter which added to the drama.


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4Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil

Amy Winehouse was one of the few exceptionally talented artists we lost too soon. She met her future husband Blake Fielder-Civil while she was rising to fame. Unfortunately, the couple did not help each other get better but did the reverse. Both suffered from a dependency on substances and being together just magnified that addiction. In an interview, Blake even confessed to introducing her to new substances.


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5Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick

Since 2006 when they started dating the two were said to be the best couple of the Kardashian bunch. They broke up in 2009 when Scott was cheating on her but reconciled when they had their first child. Scott’s alcohol issues lead to an ultimatum in 2010. The couple broke up again in 2015 and continues to raise their children together. With a timeline so intense no wonder they have a toxic relationship.


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