Celebrities Who Became Parents At A Very Young Age And Also Fulfilled Their Dreams

5Suzanne Somers

American businessman, actress, and singer, Suzanne Somers, is best known for her role as Chrissy Snow on Three’s company. She also became a household name when she was featured in the TV role of Foster Lambert on Step by Step. Although Suzanne Somers has only one son, Bruce Somers Jr., she welcomed Bruce Somers Jr. when she was 19 years old. The mother and son duo have very good bonding and have also promoted it publicly. Isn’t it a sweet story?

Suzanne Somers

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6Taylor Hanson

American Musician, Taylor Hanson, is more popular as a member of the pop-rock band Hanson. Hanson Brothers pop band Hanson made “MMMBop” a worldwide hit. However, one of the Hanson brothers, Taylor Hanson, became a father at the age of 19. Taylor Hanson had his first kid with his wife, Natalie, in the year 2002. Since then, they have had five more children together and are also waiting for their seventh child. There’s no doubt Taylor Hanson’s family looks great together and they also make us feel happy with their regular updates on Instagram.

Taylor Hanson

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7LeBron James

American basketball player, LeBron James, welcome his first child when he was 19 years old. LeBron James became a father and welcomed LeBron “Bronny” James Jr.in 2004. It’s known that the popular basketball player didn’t know his father. However, he is a very loving father to all of his children. In addition to Bronny, LeBron James has two other children. The children and the family share a passion for sports and love spending time together. LeBron James’ first child, Bronny, is following his footsteps as he became a good player for his school’s basketball team.

LeBron James

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8Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure is an American actress, known for her character as D.J. Tanner at Full House. Candace Cameron Bure excelled in the famous Full House series, and she became a mother 3 years later. She welcomed her first daughter, Natasha, in 1998, and she was 22 years old at the time. However, she became the mother of 3 more children before the age of 26. The similarity between daughter and mother is incredible despite the age difference. Some fans also think they are twins, not a mother and daughter.


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