Celebrities who are real life heroes – Saved many lives

“Be Brave”, is a common phrase of encouragement, which is heard often. Well, when it comes to Hollywood celebrities, we have seen them don a brave character or pull off a brave stunt on screen but these celebrities are a tad bit more than that. They have been brave in real life and impacted others; this just makes our hearts warm and proud for our favorite celebrities. It’s easy to find gossip spewed about famous celebrities but most times, their kind acts are missed out on. Go on and read about these famous celebrities, and fall in love with them all over again…


1 Harrison Ford

This instance actually shows what humanity is all about! Famous celebrities owning helicopters, choppers, private jets etc. make the tabloids but only about the number of shiny green $ bills it cost. What they do with it, is not usually questioned about.

Harrison Ford, like any other responsible citizen, uses his helicopter at drastic situations to help. A couple of girls went hiking and one of them fell really sick and couldn’t come down. When they called for help, it was none other than Harrison Ford who came to rescue her and he didn’t even complain when she threw up in his helicopter.

Harrison Ford

Image Source: www.independent.co.uk

2 Kate Winslet

Kate is loved by many for her acting ability but she sure is a brave heart! Once, when she was staying at business tycoon, Sir Richard Branson’s mansion, on his private island in the Carribean, the mansion got caught in an unexpected fire and Sir Richard Branson’s 90-year-old mother was trapped in the mansion. If it was any of us, we would have screamed the hell down for help and panicked. But Kate scooped the old lady into her arms and got her to safety.


The notion of ‘Damsel in distress’ should be seriously re-thought, don’t you think?

Kate Winslet

Image Source: www.tfix.com


3 Rapper T.I.

We appreciate his talent, but how many of you knew that he saved a man from committing suicide? Yes, that’s right! When he was on his way to a studio, he heard about a man standing on a ledge wanting to jump off of it. T.I called the radio station to find the location and other details and recorded a video of him asking the man to talk to him.

When the police showed the man this video, he came down. Finally he was taken into a safe custody to be treated for severe depression.

Rapper T.I.

Image Source: www.artinfo.com

4 Ryan Gosling

A lot of us have already heard about how Ryan Gosling saved a woman from getting into an accident but a lot of us don’t know that he even stopped a street fight. When he was walking down the street, he happened to see a vendor and a man disputing and getting ready for a brawl. But, before things could get ugly, Ryan stepped in and stopped them from fighting. He handed over a $20 bill to the vendor as the issue was over a petty amount of 10$, and walked away as if nothing happened; Ryan is twice the hero here.

Ryan Gosling

Image Source: www.hotbirthdays.com

5 Demi Moore

This instance sets an example for all of us who live on social media, that if we pay attention to what people are saying than just venting out, we could help someone. Demi Moore was just going through tweets when she came across a fan’s tweet where this woman was threatening to commit suicide.


Demi Moore tweeted her asking if she was serious; the tweet got a lot of attention and finally helped in tracking that woman and avoid the possible damage.

This is something we should keep in our mind for a long time that internet is actually a medium to voice out real issues for a lot of people.

Demi Moore

Image Source: www.famefacts.com

6 Nomar Garciaparra

Nomar Graciaparra saved women who fell into the Boston Harbor. Graciaparra and his uncle had been in his harbor-side condominium, when he heard a scream and a splash. They didn’t even wait for a second and ran out, when Graciaparra saw a woman (the second of the two women) fall into the harbor after hitting her head on the pier. He and his uncle jumped into the water from their 20 feet balcony and pulled them out. Thank God for them!

Nomar Garciaparra

Image Source: www.edgecastcdn.net


7 Tom Cruise

Only bad press about him gets noticed but Cruise is a hero in real life as well. In 1996, he witnessed a hit and run case. He stayed and helped the woman who suffered in the accident and took her to a hospital and when he learnt that the woman didn’t have a health insurance, he paid $7000 for her medical expenses. This just raises him in our hearts all the more; such a handsome kind man!

Tom Cruise

Image Source: www.news.co.nz

8 Arnold Schwarzenegger

While Arnold Schwarzenegger was vacationing with his family in Hawaii, he noticed a man struggling in the water; Arnold swam to the man and helped him onto a Boogie board. The swimmer had cramps and couldn’t swim anymore. Arnold got the man to the shore and stayed to help him till he gained composure and could manage on his own. A rock solid body with a beautiful and soft heart!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Image Source: www.wallpaper250.com/

9 Garth Brooks

This country music star is a real rock star! Two boys who were home alone, found Grath Brooks pounding on their door about a grass fire. The boys got into his truck and he drove them away to safety in the thick smoke. What would you do if you saw Brooks knocking your door?

Garth Brooks

Image Source: www.country104.com


10 Vin Diesel

Vin Disel was cruising over Hollywood, LA, on his bike, when he saw a car in front of him roll over and com bust into flames. He ran over and pulled out the two kids from the back seat, and later calmly instructed the driver to climb onto the back seat and get out. Later, the car blew up into flames; Diesel shows us how composure can help deal with crisis.

Vin Diesel

Image Source: www.nanopress.it


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