Famous Celebrities Share Their Quarantine Experiences But Their Fans Take Offense

Currently, every major country is in a lockdown state with all the people asked to stay indoors and not venture outside unless absolutely necessary. This step was taken in an act to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. People across the globe are now stuck indoors with nothing to do than binge-watch shows on streaming platforms.


Naturally, celebs also like to share their experience but the one thing they keep forgetting is that most people don’t have multi-story mansions and home theaters like them to understand their pain.

1Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner posted a message to her social media saying how her pregnancy prepared her for this kind of quarantine situation. But one look at the house she lived in while pregnant and now while in quarantine you can understand how much she must have struggled like the rest of us.


Image Source: buzzfeed.com

2Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a message to his social media urging people to stay at home and to stay safe but the one look at the life he is currently living and you can understand how easy these celebs have it compared to the rest of us. They have lavish houses and everything a person can use to keep themselves occupied till the lockdown is lifted.


Image Source: notinerd.co

3Lauren Conrad

Looking at this pillow fort that is quite frankly larger than most people’s living room and then ask yourself do you feel bad for the celeb who has time and space to make this? Most celebs have large homes with every facility available to keep themselves safe and entertained until the crisis is over.


Image Source: danielpluslauren.com

4Ellen DeGeneres

It’s kind of hard to feel bad for celebs who share their quarantine experiences but just end up flexing on their fans with their large, lavish homes that are filled with everything a person needs. Ellen DeGeneres who is one of the most down to earth people in Hollywood posted a story to her social media showing her working out in her private gym which is larger than most people’s homes.


Image Source: mansionglobal.com


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