17 Times Captain Marvel Star Brie Larson Astounded Us With Her Beauty

13Just a denim girl

Have you ever showed up at a star-studded fashion party in a denim and a low bun? Because Brie Larson has. For a Rodarte party recently, Brie kept it super low-key and opted for a basic denim jacket for the event. In fact she went on to sport the classic double denim look and paired it with a floral silk shirt. And of course, ditched the makeup.

Brie Larson wearing denim

Image Source: choiz.me

14It’s all about individuality

After hosting Saturday Night Live in New York, Brie partied with the cast and crew of the show. She kept her attire classy, yet very millennial. She surprisingly chose an animal-printed top to go with a lacy black skirt. And a sleek bomber jacket to complete her look. Notice she keeps her handbag and shows classic and basic.

Bri larson at gala

Image Source: wmagazine.com

15How does she do it?

How does Brie manage to look so effortless? Turns out, there is help from a very skilled makeup artist involved. “Brie is wonderful. I love to focus on her eyes. I always like to see the dress beforehand because it gives me time to consider my approach. I like to have at least two ideas to present to my client, and they can choose which one speaks to them. The makeup is meant to complement the dress,” says cosmetic artist Rachel Goodwin.

Brie wearing makeup

Image Source: smagazineofficial.com

16Brie looks the best in black

As much as Brie loves her casual attire, you have to admit, when it comes to major events, formal gowns have done a great job for Captain Marvel. For the 2017 Oscars, Brie had chosen a beautiful black, ruffled Oscar de la Renta gown. The gown wasn’t just one of the fiercest looks of the night but also had a stunning train at the back which made it a red carpet statement.

Brie looks the best in black

Image Source: www.marieclaire.co.uk

17The pool girl

Brie loves reading by the pool. She has been pictured reading books multiple times in the pool or on a deck chair, and she loves to make a day out of it. For instance, she was recently pictured reading the book Journal for an Artist written by Anne Truitt. Not only does she look incredible, but the picture also has a gorgeous aesthetic.


Brie loves reading by the pool


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