17 Times Captain Marvel Star Brie Larson Astounded Us With Her Beauty

She has some of the hottest movies of the season lined up, and is the face of empowerment. And Brie Larson is also astonishingly beautiful. Though Brie has never obsessed about her looks, and almost always opts for minimal makeup, Brie is one of the best looking women in showbiz. She is one of the very few celebs who doesn’t really need to glam up. And yet Brie occasionally does choose to go the contouring way, and it totally works on her.


Brie does not really have a classic style, but more often than not, does not feel the need to dress up impeccably. Her off-duty style really is off-duty, unlike most celebs in the industry, who use stylists to dress them up for errands. She has a movie coming up, which might just end up being the biggest blockbuster of the decade. Yes, we are talking about Captain Marvel. The trailer is already getting rave reviews, and before we go to see the movie, here are a few details about Brie Larson, the looker.

1The Oscar winner

You’d think Brie would go overboard with her style chops for her first major Oscar award ceremony, considering she was nominated for her first Academy Award. But trust Brie, to always keep it cool and understated. In a sea of sequins and glitter, Brie chose a breezy dark blue Gucci gown, which had a very light optical illusion at the front. The ruffled V-neck dress was almost akin to something one would wear to a cocktail party.

The Oscar winner

Image Source: abcnews.com

2The no-makeup girl

A lot of people ended up talking about Brie’s makeup on her big night. It was her first Oscar nomination, and even before she won her award, a lot of people had guessed that she would win. But Brie did not opt for anything too gimmicky or loud as far as her makeup was concerned. She stayed away from false lashes and contouring, and just put on a Sunday brunch makeup to go pick up her award.

Bri Oscar nomination

Image Source: ytimg.com

3The cover girl

Remember her Vanity Fair cover where Brie chose to-go for a risque aesthetic? It had her fans talking, as this wasn’t exactly her go-to style. They are more used to seeing her in denim and sneakers, than a couture gown straight off a runway. But Brie made the best of the props given to her and somehow managed to look like a total supermodel. Brie in the off-shoulder maroon gown perhaps made the most iconic cover girl ever.

Brie on vanity fair cover

Image Source: wxwenku.com

4Old Hollywood?

Many people pointed out that Brie was trying to channel the old Hollywood icons in her Vanity Fair shoot. In fact, some of her costumes and her hair definitely was influenced by retro Hollywood fashionistas, and Brie rocked the classic look. In fact, the shoot might just have been a means to usher in Brie as the next big A-lister, which she obviously is-right now.

Brie Larson Old photo

Image Source: vanityfair.com


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