Jennifer Aniston fans have gone crazy over the Brangelina Divorce. Check out the hilarious responses

Brangelina won’t be a term on celeb media. Sorry all you fans out there because Angelina Jolie has finally filed for divorce. This isn’t a hoax; this is very real.Jolies lawyer Robert offer was reported to have made the statement last Tuesday with the date of separation reading 15th September.

Offer went on to state that the actress has filed for divorce for the benefit and health of the family and will be contesting custody of all six children. Even as news of the Brangelina split stormed through social media take a look at the comical ways of fans responding to Brangelina divorce.

1 Guess who’s having a laugh

Somehow the first person on every one’s mind is none other than Jennifer Aniston. I’m sure she’s having the last laugh.

Jennifer Aniston

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