Benedict or Robert Downey – Who is the better Sherlock?

4 Dialogues

The dialogue delivery of Benedict was although a little fast yet women across the world believe it was orgasmic. His bland expressions and clever grin were on point for the portrayal of a genius indifferent man!

Also, this cake goes to the writers for giving the TV Sherlock edgy dialogues like:

sherlok dialogue

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RDJ despite being a man of dramatic words in Marvel universe couldn’t be tapped in Sherlock Holmes. We feel better dialogues might have changed the case.


Think about it, we can’t really recall any catchy words from the movies! However, think about Benedict and you know his word “game is afoot”.

5 Originality

However, we can’t even forget the betrayal of Cumberbatch’s Sherlock to the original character, but well we would say the makers and the actor improvised and made Sherlock more likable than ever before!

The actual Sherlock wasn’t supposed to be emotional, just a clever man, self-obsessed and overconfident! But imagine having a character with no heart and all brain, too narcissistic to be appealing! No version of Sherlock Holmes has been that cold, yet TV Sherlock was warm and he did make us all fall hard.

Cumberbatch’s Sherlock

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Still, we would give RDJ a plus here for being close to the original Sherlock without much improvisation; after all originality needs to be cut a slack, right! The movies also had Sherlock setting friendship goals with Watson but subtle, the way it was intended.

Over the years, the plot has changed, the sets, the London, the actors have changed-but one thing has remained same the Sherlock hat; and we think Cumberbatch complimented the hat like no one else. Always appreciate good fashion when you see it, particularly when it is Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes london

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He made London crime free and hats cool! A true Sherlock must dawn that hat like a boss. So, here is another plus to Cumberbatch’s Sherlock and in our consideration, the vote count is high on one clear side.

So, we are totally Sherlocked by the actor with the complex name? Any guesses people? Why of course, it is Benefits Contradict?

Cumberbatch’s Sherlock

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Sorry for the typo…Benedict Cucumber patch? No sh!t, Sherlock!

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