10 Of the most inspiring and beautiful First Ladies in the History of America

Now that Donald Trump is all set to take over as the president of the USA, get set to see one more first lady who will make the list of the most beautiful first ladies of the USA. While Michelle Obama stole the hearts of many an American time will tell if Melania matches upto that huge personality. Check out the most beautiful first ladies of America.


1 Frances Cleveland (1886-1889, 1893 to 1897)

Regarded as one of the sexiest first ladies, Frances Folsom Cleveland wife of president Grover Cleveland was not just first lady twice after a gap of four years in 1893.

Frances Cleveland

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2 Grace Coolidge (1923-1929)

Wife of the 30th president of the USA, Grace Coolidge was well known for her beautiful eyes and elegant smile. She was popular for her figure which she flaunted with revealing clothes.

Grace Coolidge

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3 Jacqueline Kennedy (1961-1963)

One of the biggest first lady celebrities, Jacqueline Kennedy was a huge fashion icon who regularly made the tabloids because of her impeccable dressing sense. The smart and sassy Jackie was a great horse rider too.

Jacqueline Kennedy

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4 Pat Nixon (1969-1974)

The first educated first lady, Pat Nixon was also a university graduate. She was popular for her social work running several homes for children.

Pat Nixon

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5 Rosalynn Carter (1977-1981)

Among most beautiful first ladies of America, Rosalynn Carter married to the 39th president Jimmy Carter was a good looker in her time. Known for her extensive humanitarian work and active participation in governance, she was always regarded as one of the hottest first ladies of America.

Rosalynn Carter

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6 Nancy Reagan (1981-1989)

Like her Husband Ronald Reagan the 40th president of the United States, Nancy too was an actor before marriage. Although criticized for flaunting clothes designed by top designers, she still gave a damn and wore them anyway.

Nancy Reagan

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7 Hillary Clinton (1993-2001)

Although she did lose the election by a narrow margin, Hillary Clinton is still in the list of being a first lady of President Bill Clinton. She holds the distinction of being the most powerful first lady, who has also gone on to becoming secretary of state.

Hillary Clinton

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8 Laura Bush (2001-2009)

George Bush’s popularity was largely due to the campaigning help he got from Laura Bush. Having helped her husband campaign, she was also actively involved in social programs on health care and education.

Laura Bush

Image Source: www.history.com

9 Michelle Obama (2008-2016)

Elegance and class personified, no first lady till date can match upto the sophistication of Michelle Obama. Not only is she the hottest, she is also a lawyer with a post grad from Harvard law school. She is a writer and a humanitarian.

Michelle Obama

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10 Melania Trump (Wife of the President-elect)

Besides the fox whistles and the many image hits online, Melania Trump is sizzling no doubt, but this first lady to be also speaks six languages. However it remains to be seen if she can match up to the suave sophistication and elegance of her predecessor Michelle Obama. Hopefully she too will always be regarded among the most beautiful first ladies of America.

Melania Trump

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