15 Adorable and Beautiful Child Models You Could Gaze at Forever

Beauty as they say lies in the eyes of the beholder. Be that as it may, when it concerns children, every one of them is beautiful. However, there are some children across the world that has been blessed with striking looks, intense eyes and features that can be mesmerizing. Everyone has a different opinion of beauty no doubt and there have been models with unconventional looks but if you look at these child models, their lovely eyes, eye lashes, their smiles and their features, it is enough to melt any heart and exclaim what really beauty looks like. Take a look at some of the worlds most beautiful and adorable child models.


1 Graylee Mae, 3 years old (USA)

She is the eldest daughter of Lance Moore the American football player. Her amazing looks have been passed down to her from her mother and Graylee has modeled for several children’s products including clothing lines. Both she and her sister regularly appear on her mother’s Instagram account.

Image Source: pinimg.com

2Violetta Antonova, 4 years old (Russia)

Although she is just four, Violetta is a little veteran of fashion shows and commercials for children’s fashion garments. Her older brother is also an aspiring model. Violetta loves the limelight and attention. She also has her own Instagram account run by her mother.

Image Source: userapi.com

3Arisha Lebedeva, 5 years old (Russia)

She is the daughter of a famous model Elena Perminova at a young age, she has started modeling and taking after her mother. Arisha has also graced many magazines and has done photoshoot too. She also has her own Instagram account with her fair share of fans.

Image Source: www.spletnik.ru

4Jare Ijalana, 6 years old (Nigeria)

Jare attracted a lot of attention because of her intense looks. She came into the spotlight by accident when Mode Bamuyiwa a photographer took her picture and posted it online, she became famous instantly. Even her sisters share similar looks and now they all work as models.

Image Source: thediasporaquarterly.com

5Liza Tolmacheva, 6 years old (Russia)

Lisa has lovely blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair which are her best features that impress everyone. She loves singing, acting and dancing and has just entered the fashion industry. She has already participated in several fashion shows and catalog photoshoots.

Image Source: bldaily.com

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