15 Beautiful Babies Of Famous Celebrities That We Cannot Stop Gazing At

Babies are adorable and cute but the ones that belong to celebrities are even cuter and way more adorable as they do not just inherit their parent’s good looks but also their charm and personality and attitude. They look like a smaller version of their parents.


Some celebrities are extremely lucky when it comes to having babies as they have very good genes and the babies they produce are extremely adorable and have a lot of their personalities. If you go on Instagram you will see pages dedicated to celebrity children and babies with a strong following. This goes to show how much we love babies.

1Bodhi Ransom Green

This gorgeous baby boy is the child of actors Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. It is clearly visible that the gorgeous looks of the parents have been transferred to the child as well. With his blue eyes, brown hair and that adorable smile, Bodhi is one handsome boy from this young age.


Image Source: www.promipool.de

2Dashiel Edan Anderson

Dashiel is the daughter of actress Milla Jovovich and director, producer and screenwriter Paul W. S. Anderson. Dashiel is absolutely gorgeous and looks like a spitting image of her mother. Her light grey eyes are absolutely beautiful and it is very obvious that she will grow up to be one beautiful woman.


Image Source: instagram.com

3Aoife Belle Foden

Aoife is the daughter of rugby union player Ben Foden. Her mother is Una Healy of the British-Irish girl group, The Saturdays. This picture was posted by her mother and in it, Aoife looks absolutely adorable. Her gorgeous hair and light grey eyes ensures she stands out from the crowd. Her parents separated in 2018.


Image Source: messicloud.com

4Phyllon Joy Gorré

Phyllon is the son of Dutch supermodel, actress, and activist Doutzen Kroes and Dutch DJ Sunnery James. In this picture, Phyllon looks like a gorgeous model. It’s clear he inherited the modeling gene from his mom. We hope that in future this gorgeous boy takes up modeling as he is sure to grow into an extremely handsome young man.


Image Source: pinimg.com

5Aden John Tanner Housley

This baby looks absolutely divine. From the curly hair to the deep grey-blue eyes, this baby is too cute to handle. He looks like a little angel straight from heaven. His parents are Tamera Mowry-Housley and Adam Housley. His mom is an actress and talk-show host while his dad is a journalist, an ex-baseball player, and a winery owner.


Image Source: chartcons.com


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