Take A Look At The Baby’s Day Out Cast Then And Now

It seems like most movies that were released in the 90s have now become cult icons of cinema. This is a really impressive feat as some of the movies that are now considered to be cult icons were flops at the time of their release. It is interesting to take a look back at those movies.


It is fun to see how the actors performed then and what they are doing today. This comparison of then and now gives us a good insight into an actor’s capabilities and how far they have come.

1Adam Robert

What many people do not know about the movie is that two babies were used to portray ‘Bennington Austin “Baby Bink” Cotwell IV’. Adam Robert and Jacob Joseph Worton looked quite similar and were used at different times during the movie. This was done as the two babies brought more to the table as opposed to having just one.


Image Source: idntimes.com

2Jacob Joseph Worton

Jacob Joseph Worton was the second baby who was used to portray the main character. Both he and Adam Robert did not take up acting as a serious career choice as they both had different ambitions in life and playing the role was something they did not do willingly. Both men have successful careers and do not look back with regret. There is a big facial difference from the actor compared to then and now.


Image Source: www.cronicadeiasi.ro

3Verne Troyer

Naturally, when you make a movie involving babies as actors and require an element of slapstick comedy you will need a stuntman. Actor Verne Troyer who was best known for his role as ‘Mini-Me’ in the ‘Austin Powers’ film series stood in as the stuntman for the babies due to his short height of just 2 feet. The actor sadly passed away in April of 2018.


Image Source: albanydailynews.com

4Joe Mantegna

Actor Joe Mantegna played ‘Edgar “Eddie” Mauser’ who was the brains of the gang of bad guys in the movie. Prior to the movie, he was seen in movies like ‘House of Games’, ‘Homicide’, ‘Three Amigos’, ‘The Godfather Part III’, etc. After the movie, he was seen in a lot of TV shows such as ‘First Monday’ and ‘Joan of Arcadia’. He also voiced the mob boss ‘Fat Tony’ on ‘The Simpsons’.


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5Brian Haley

Actor Brian Haley played ‘Victor “Veeko” Riley’ who was the big dumb muscle of the group. He is best known for starting in this movie as well as ‘Little Giants’ and Clint Eastwood’s movie ‘Gran Torino’. He has had a very successful TV career as he appeared on many hit TV shows such as ‘Wings’, ‘Weird Al Show’, ‘30 Rock’, ‘The Drew Carey Show’, etc. He currently owns a production company.


Image Source: imgur.com


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