14 Astonishing Titanic Movie Facts That No One Even Knew About till Today

Titanic was released 14 years ago and it still remains one of the most-watched movies in the world. In fact, there are very few people who have not seen this epic movie while those who have watched it have done so more than once. It has become a worldwide classic which everyone loves and cherishes.


There is a lot you might have never known about the production process of this movie, so here are 14 facts about Titanic which can tell you about different sides of this movie.

1The movie cost more than the original Titanic ship

The production cost of the movie was estimated to be $200 million while the cost of the real Titanic ship was only $7.5 million. However, in modern times the ship would have been near $150 million which is still lower than the cost of the movie. This is probably one of the facts about Titanic which no one would have even imagined.


In reality, the movie budget was two times higher than what had been planned. Being the most expensive movie of its time 20th Century Fox had to invite Paramount pictures to split the expenses. Indeed Paramount Pictures had been their competitor but nobody thought that the movie would be so successful.

The movie cost more than the original Titanic ship

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2The movie broke many records

The feature film- “Titanic” proved to be a masterpiece of its time and went on to break many box office records. One of the many records broken was how long the movie was on the screen which was about 287 days.

The movie broke many records

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3Kate Winslet did everything she could to get the role of Rose

Many actresses were in competition for the role of Rose in the movie. Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman, Madonna, Sharon Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Wyona Rider were some of the actresses who were trying for the role besides Kate Winslet.

Kate tried to increase her chances by getting the phone number of the director and calling him a lot. She told him- “I have to get this role. You’d be mad not to hire me.” Although she denies having done it now, she does admit that she sent Cameron roses with a note that said- “From your Rose”.

Kate Winslet did everything she could to get the role of Rose

Image Source: memed.co.uk

4The “Old Rose” prototype

In the movie, Beatrice Wood was decided as the prototype for the “Old Rose”. Though she never really was aboard the ship, Beatrice was from a wealthy family and she also had defied her parents to pursue a career as an artist. This was somewhat similar to Rose’s character. When James Cameron read her autobiography- ‘I Shock Myself’ the first chapter perfectly described the character he had envisioned for the movie.

Old Rose prototype

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