Arnold Schwarzenegger’s children are all grown up and you won’t believe how they look now


Arnold Schwarzenegger has come a long way since his bodybuilding days and winning the Mr Universe title three times in a row. The 38th governor of California and still in office was just 21 when he immigrated to the United States. Besides his Mr Universe title he has also won the Mr Olympia title 7 times.

In 1977 Arnold married Maria Shriver in Massachusetts after an 8 year courtship and they had four kids. Take a look at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s children who are grown up with the youngest the spitting image of his father.

1 Katherine Schwarzenegger- The Couple’s first child

Katherine 27 is the eldest daughter of Arnold and Maria Schwarzenegger. She is an upcoming author and has released a book in 2010 called ‘Rock what you’ve got: Secrets to loving our inner and outer beauty from someone who’s been there and back’. Katherine looks exactly like her mother Maria Shriver.

Katherine Schwarzenegger

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2 Christina Shwarzenegger- Their second child

Christine Shwarzeneggar now 25 was born in 1991 and graduated in 2013 from Georgetown University.

Christina Shwarzenegger

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3 Patrick Shwarzenegger- Their third child

Among Arnold Schwarzenegger’s children is Patrick now 23 is a model and established actor. He is also a business man having started his own company at the young age of 15. At such an age most celebrity’s sons and daughters are busy enjoying themselves.

Patrick Shwarzenegger

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4 Christopher Shwarzenegger- Their fourth child

At 19 Christopher graduated high school in 2015. Christopher is the spitting image of his father. But this isn’t all of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s children. Adding to the crowd is Joseph Balena a son Arnold conceived from his housekeeper. The boy now 19 has been spotted many times cycling and working out with his father.

Christopher Shwarzenegger

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