16 Animals Who Look Just Like These Celebrities, It’s Hilarious

13Adam Driver

Here is another rising star that needs no introduction after he appeared as the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia, Kylo Ren in the latest Star wars franchise. This amazing feline really looks like him, especially the eyes.

Image Source: www.famososaominuto.com

14Laura Dern

Laura Dern is a veteran of awards having won four Golden Globes, a Prime Time Emmy and two Oscar nominations. This cute terrier has been shown as her doppelganger and the classy hairdo and eyes say it all.

Image Source: baomoi.zadn.vn

15Taylor Lautner

This teen heartthrob appeared as Jacob in the “Twilight franchise”. One would have thought his doppelganger would be a wolf but no, it’s an alpaca and a very unique one at that because it’s so fluffy and seems to have a blue-tinted nose.

Image Source: bles.com

16Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody the Pianist seems to have made it a second time to this list but this was necessary because this could well be the best picture on this list. Look at the uncanny resemblance especially in those sad eyes.

Image Source: tin247.com

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