American actress Dove Cameron has undergone plastic surgery and you judge if it was a success or Epic Fail

Plastic surgery has become somewhat of an obsession with celebrities to the point of it being questioned if it’s right or wrong. Now the most controversial situation surrounding cosmetic surgery is if the result is truly what a celebrity seeks to achieve or is it actually scarring their looks making it worse. Take for example the latest fiasco like Dove Cameron’s cosmetic surgery. You as the reader can judge if the results are good or bad.

Dove Cameron is in the news as the most talked about celebrity having undergone the surgeon’s knife and for what. The celeb blessed with natural beauty has been observed undergoing a transformation in her looks. Is it surgery or is it just her age catching up with her.

1 Dove Cameron’s new nose job

Dove Cameron the beautiful American singer and actress famous for her appearance in Liv and Maddie got her first major role in ‘Bits and Pieces’. In 2014, her hot single ‘Count me in’ featured as number one on the Kids billboard charts.


However it has now been rumored that she has undergone several cosmetic surgery procedures among which the first was a nose job. Her recent photos show a perfectly shaped nose in comparison to photos of her younger days. While some are attributing her looks to puberty, many believe it is because of the surgeon’s knife.

Dove Cameron’s new nose job

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