10 Actors who put themselves in danger while filming Action Movies

10 The Cast of Inglourious Basterds


This fictional take on WWII included a scene where the set would erupt in fire towards the end of the movie. In this scene the fire was real and it went out of control to the point that its heat liquefied the cables that were holding a Swastika flag, on the set, in place. Once the cables were gone the flag came crashing down on the set’s balcony where the cast of actors were, for the filming of the scene. If the actors had remained there, on the balcony they could have been killed when the flag collapsed. This just goes to show the willingness of actors putting themselves in danger such as risking real fires, for the sake of a realistic screenshot.

The Cast of Inglourious Basterds

Image Source: www.film.ru


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