10 Actors who put themselves in danger while filming Action Movies

2 Michael J. Fox – Back to the Future 3


Michael J. Fox may not be one of those action movie actors but his rise to fame as ‘Marty McFly’ in the “Back to the Future Trilogy” makes him beloved by all. However, this Parkinson’s-stricken actor was nearly choked to death on the sets of shoot for ‘Back to the Future 3’.

In a scene where one of Biff Tannen’s distant relatives hangs McFly from the famous clock tower, Fox had agreed to actually be hung for the filming of this scene. With his hand in between the rope and his neck the scene was supposed to commence, but in one of the takes, Fox’s hand missed and he began choking. The crew believed this to be a rather good performance, and stood in awe of the scene. They never realized the reality of the situation until Fox passed out.

Michael J. Fox

Image Source: www.filmaffinity.com


3 Jackie Chan – Police Story

We all know who Jackie Chan is and also know for a fact that he is famous for performing his own stunts be it fights, or sliding down a curtain in Rush Hour.

In one of the scenes of his popular franchise- Police Story, he is filmed pursuing the central villain by jumping on a metal pole covered in lights, at a mall and shatters every single one on his way down. Without a cut, he continues by immediately leaping onto a busted kiosk, and grabbing a hold of a piece of shattered glass holds it against the villain’s neck.

Jackie Chan – Police Story

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